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「涙と悲しみと虚しさから立ち上がる力」 – Life in Japan 5 – February 2017

February was a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Early on, something really sad happened. I cried for [redacted], over and over again. My mind begin to sink into the abyss, drifting further away from the passion I once had. What woke me up though, was Sword Art Online. Its movie, Ordinal Scale, released in theaters on the 18th. I wasn’t prepared, nor was I in the mood, for it. Still, from a friend’s encouragement, I went to watch it on release day. This entire event made me realize things I had forgotten about and showed me the strength I needed to move forward again. The reasons why I came to Japan are all around me. I must to attain the ability to reach out for them.

So, due to the events during this month, the way I spent my free time changed in two major ways. One, I stopped building gunpla. Two, I focused on games, especially SAO:HR. //Continue Reading//


Life This Month 52 – April 2016

If March could be summarized as job hunting the whole month, then April isn’t much different. This month started off with two online interviews and both ended up in rejection. Back to square one. I continued to send out more applications and emails, but nothing.

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Life This Month 49 – January 2016

2016! I wanted this new year to start off good. Blog-wise, I put out some new posts and prevented them from joining the backlog of posts to type up. I really want to get into gear and clear my backlog so that I can focus on future and new content instead. Of course, working on my blog on top of the other gazillion things I need to work on is tough, but I intend on conquering them all.

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Life This Month 44 – July 2015

Last year on Tanabata (July 7th), I was in Japan, still studying abroad in Okazaki. Me and 2 friends wore our yukata and walked around the neighborhood at night. We had a small hope of seeing fireflies or maybe encountering something cool. We didn’t find anything special, but it was fun to be with friends in Japan. I had written a couple wishes and hung them on bamboo trees, “彼女が出来ますように” and “日本の友達が出来ますように”. Neither came true by the way. This year, no wishes, no events. Just another day on the other side of the world. I wanted to spend the day wearing my yukata, as a small thing to celebrate Tanabata, but I completely forgot and left it at my parent’s place. Continue Reading

Life This Month 40 – March 2015

Just like February, this month begin on a Sunday. Before heading to the Plamo club gathering, I spent the morning and early afternoon enjoying my free time. I played some SAO:HF on the PSV. I finally reached the beautiful 3rd area. A while back, I asked which area my brother liked the most and he said the 3rd one. Seeing the area for myself, it really is nice. I ended up using this area a lot to train my partners. Also, it has been a while since I played Baldr Sky. I’m getting new memory fragments and new sides of the story that has to do with the other 2 heroines instead of Rain. Continue Reading!

Life This Month 39 – February 2015

Influenced by the plastic model club’s 部長 and my roommate, I grew interested in Gundam resin conversion kits. And so I spent hours diving into the internet looking up all the current Gundam garage kits, and contemplated how I want my Gundam collection to grow. A frequent problem I ran into was the lack of details and pictures of the parts the kits include. I had to dive into Chinese forums and find the makers’ websites, which was a challenge since I can’t read Chinese. Then I got side-tracked on searching for scans of 00P, 00F, 00I, and some 00 mechanical reference books…

Anyways, I decided upon purchasing 2 versions of Avalanche Exia Dash MG conversion kits. One features many articulated parts not yet on any Avalanche Exia model kit. The other is an original design of the Avalanche Exia Dash. For the other GKs I want, I either don’t have the base kit or I haven’t built it yet, so perhaps someday in the future. And that was how a week of February disappeared… Continue Reading!

Life This Month 38 – January 2015

2015 began with a great start with January feeling quite accomplished. It has been way too long since I could say that and it feels good. A large part is due to my new friends who all share the same hobby of gunpla. I’m really grateful that I discovered my campus’s Plamo club because I haven’t had any friends (outside of 2 roommates) for 2 entire years, and they have added a lot of liveliness to my life.

Back to the start of the month, I had a few days of vacation left before university starts and I wanted to make good use of my remaining break… which is why I made efforts control the amount of Destiny I play. A number of raid runs went really quick and easy, and then a couple that were unbeatable for hours. I did however stopped playing the competitive multiplayer because I simply don’t enjoy it. Continue Reading

Life This Month 37 – December 2014

It is already December, and December for me always mean winter and Christmas. I spent most of the month debating on what presents I should get for family and friends. In the end, I only got presents for my little brother and my roommate. I had gifts from my summer trip in Japan that I held onto for two other friends, so that makes 4 in total. I had wanted to give more, but I couldn’t get out of my laziness…


I should have taken some photos, but I gave my roommate a HG Gouf Custom, and my brother a HG Build Burning Gundam, a GP Action Base, and a SD Legend Musha Godmaru. My brother’s birthday is close to Christmas, which is why I got him a number of things. Continue Reading

十二月の購入物 December Loots – 2014

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For December, I had only purchased a single item from AmiAmi for myself. However, unexpectedly, my housemate hastily bought me a Christmas gift in return for the Christmas present I gave him earlier in the month.

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九月の購入物 September Loots – 2014

Just like June a few months ago, this month’s loots will contain two parts due to me being in Japan for half the month and in the United States for the other half.

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In September, I only had two weeks of time left in Japan. I did most of my last shopping sprees in person, but I also ordered a few things online from Amazon that I couldn’t find in stores. Those Amazon boxes were designed to be incredibly convenient to open. So many mundane things in Japan continues to impress me despite having been here for almost 6 months already. Let’s continue to my total of loots.

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