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【製作】HMM ブレードライガー ③塗装&完成 [WIP] HMM Blade Liger -3- Painting & Completion

やっと塗装が完了しHMMブレードライガーが完成しました!いやぁ~ 時間かかりました。(いつもの事ですけどね!) 自分はエアブラシが持ってなくて、塗装の作業を進むにはエアブラシが持っている友達の家に行く必要があるため、限られている時間にしか作業できませんでした。色々大変でしたけど、無事に完成してよかったです。

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HMM ブレードライガー 【作製② 改造編】 HMM Blade Liger [WIP 2 – Modifications]

HMM ブレードライガーの作製の続きです。前回は素組みまででした。塗装に入りたいと思っていましたが、気になるところが数ヶ所ありました。やってみたいこともあるので、今回はちょっと色んなパーツをいじって改造してみました。まずは頭からを見てみましょう。

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アニメの設定ではブレードライガーのキャノピーはオレンジの一色ですが、HMMデザインではバイザーの周りに白い枠が付いています。HMMブレードライガーAB バン仕様の公式画像でもその枠を無視て無塗装のままですね。私はどうしても気になるので、モールドを消します。ついでにキャノピーのクリアパーツを半透明化します。

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Life This Month 51 – March 2016

March was not a very fun month for me, especially the latter half. After deciding that I truly do not want to stay in the US for any longer, my current objective is simple, to get to Japan as soon as possible someway somehow. So I spent a lot of my time searching for jobs that I can apply for online and writing a corresponding resume and cover letter for the job type. By the end of the month, I submitted 16 applications.
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Life This Month 42- May 2015

Last month, I left off at returning to my parent’s house. Continuing on, now that I have gotten my little brother a PS3, that has finally motivated him to get a new TV in order to play it. He has mostly been playing Gundam Extreme VS, so I put in One Piece: Kaizoku Musou and we both took a look at it. It was pretty fun, and the differences between Gundam Musou were interesting. In split-screen co-op, I tried out Nami and she was not as easy to use as Luffy or Zoro. As for other games, my brother helped me in SAO:HF to take down bosses and explore areas. In Gundam Breaker, I think we completed another phase? We got a cut-scene which implied so, but the previous mission wasn’t at all challenging. I also talked to my brother about how I was getting back into Yugioh, and we dueled a bit. We also finally got around to watching Kamen Rider Gaim’s HBV. I’m not impressed with the newest series, but I decided that it wasn’t all too terrible and started to watch it with my brother.

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【製作】HMM ブレードライガー ①素組み            [WIP] HMM Blade Liger – 1 Straight Build



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Life This Month 38 – January 2015

2015 began with a great start with January feeling quite accomplished. It has been way too long since I could say that and it feels good. A large part is due to my new friends who all share the same hobby of gunpla. I’m really grateful that I discovered my campus’s Plamo club because I haven’t had any friends (outside of 2 roommates) for 2 entire years, and they have added a lot of liveliness to my life.

Back to the start of the month, I had a few days of vacation left before university starts and I wanted to make good use of my remaining break… which is why I made efforts control the amount of Destiny I play. A number of raid runs went really quick and easy, and then a couple that were unbeatable for hours. I did however stopped playing the competitive multiplayer because I simply don’t enjoy it. Continue Reading

Life This Month 37 – December 2014

It is already December, and December for me always mean winter and Christmas. I spent most of the month debating on what presents I should get for family and friends. In the end, I only got presents for my little brother and my roommate. I had gifts from my summer trip in Japan that I held onto for two other friends, so that makes 4 in total. I had wanted to give more, but I couldn’t get out of my laziness…


I should have taken some photos, but I gave my roommate a HG Gouf Custom, and my brother a HG Build Burning Gundam, a GP Action Base, and a SD Legend Musha Godmaru. My brother’s birthday is close to Christmas, which is why I got him a number of things. Continue Reading

五月 May Loots – 2012 /In Japan

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Last month, after walking around everywhere and checking out most of the hobby stores nearby, I started ordering things online that I couldn’t find or find cheaper in stores. As such, quite a bit of things came to me through the mail. And once again, this excludes the stuff I bought for my friends/family (although they may be shown in some photos).

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