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七月の購入物 July Loots – 2018

This month, I didn’t intend on getting very much but still ended up with a tad bit more than I expected to buy. Next month in August, I have plans on spending a whole bunch of money and so I wanted to reserve more funds by spending less this month. Each item wasn’t expensive, so in reality I didn’t spend very much. The cost of all of the loots combined amounts to less than $100.

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「初!!」- Struggles in Japan 16 – January 2018

2018… a new year. For me, it is a new beginning as well, with new environments and people to get accustomed to. I cannot say that 2018 is looking all that promising in terms of my personal life, but I will declare here that I will make the most of it however I can. At the very least, the year ahead doesn’t look grim. I am satisfied for it to be average.

Hobby-wise, 2018 looks to be a grand year for Sword Art Online and video games in general. The game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be coming out soon, plus airing later in the year, two anime series, the Alicization Arc and Gun Gale Online. Video games in general, I am interested in Monster Hunter World, New Gundam Breaker, Code Vein, and Anthem. And although nothing specific just yet, gunpla is closing in on its 40th anniversary in 2020 and with 2017 having an incredible set of releases, I look forward to what is planned for 2018.

Following my first time to Comiket, I started this year off by shopping for more doujinshi at Toranoana. Simply put, I wasn’t able to see everything, especially on the last day, and there were also stuff that sold out. Surprisingly, I actually didn’t purchase much R18 books, so the trip to Toranoana on the 1st was to recuperate all of that to make sure I was satisfied with my Comiket experience and to start the year off happy.

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「進路変更」 – Struggles in Japan 10 – July 2017

Let’s talk about this blog. To be honest, I have lost in interest in blogging. More accurately, I have I lost interest in photography, as I have always disliked writing. To me right now, time is scarce and valuable, which doesn’t go well with my inability to write within any reasonable amount of time. I want to quit blogging and already have for the most part. The monthly life and loot posts are all that is left, and still, that is too much for me to handle. My degree of neglect is to the point of never wanting to pick up my camera ever again. I have more important things to do.

However, as much reasons and excuses I give myself, stopping this blog entirely means giving up my memories during this period. That is something I cannot do. And so, everything is delayed and on hiatus while I work out a new way of approaching things.

I have started to take life easy and slow, no longer forcing myself. I have a clearer idea of what I want to do, how to accomplish them, and what I must do right now. At the same time, I realize and accept my incompetence, as well as recalling upon my life philosophies. Before anything else, I must regain myself, the person I truly am, before I can be who I want to be. It is a great feeling to immerse in my hobbies without constraints, for my true path lies within there. //Continue Reading//

十二月の購入物 December Loots – 2016

To speak of December and loots is to speak of Christmas itself. I have wrote in detail about how spent my Christmas this year here in this post. In summary, I bought myself a couple things, and received the PS Vita game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization as a present from my little brother. Outside of the Christmas gifts, I had a couple other minor things as a part of my loots. Let’s take a look.

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十一月の購入物 November Loots – 2016

Compared to the first month, the amount of loots for this second month in Japan is quite tame. For myself, I had purchased four boxes of gunpla, while everything else were free goodies I received through campaigns, events, or friends. In particular, a booster box of Cardfight Vanguard G Set #8 was split between me and my friend, Xyrenth. Perhaps “split” not the right word, as more accurately, she bought a booster box and presented me the cards she doesn’t want. Anyways, let’s go onto the details of the loots.

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「迷路の中で小さな一歩」 – Struggles in Japan 2 – November 2016

While November was not a short month, I can’t believe that it is already the end of 2016. Soon another year will pass, and yet, I have not moved very much towards my dreams and aspirations. Coming to Japan was a small step. This month, I made just another small step forward. However, I am in a maze. I think I know where I want to end up, but have no idea how to get there. I am in Japan, surviving, trying to settle down comfortably, searching for opportunities to leap forward. My situation isn’t the best, but it is also not the worst. The chances are here. I can work with this.

For the first weekend of this month, on Saturday the 5th, I went over to Kanamachi in Tokyo to hang out with Xyrenth. For lunch, we ate at Mos Burger. During my first time there, I had the モスバーガーof the same name as the restaurant and it was delicious. This time, I tried their 野菜バーガー, which was also great. Afterwards, we went to karaoke at JoySound for an hour. Oddly, we didn’t get an option to extend the time. Without other things to do, I went with Xyrenth to her apartment for the main purpose of this visit, to checked her in-progress HG Schwalbe Graze. Upon Xyrenth’s request, I repaired the blade tips of the wire claw, and painted some parts in gold. Before returning back to Chiba, Xyrenth treated me to a standing ramen shop for dinner. I enjoyed the food and experience, but I can imagine different if hot and crowded. Continue Reading

HG Gundam Exia Renewal (2015)

During my childhood, I have built some Gundam models to play with on a few rare occasions. However, the series Gundam 00 revolutionized a number of things in my life. For one, it is the first Gundam series I ever watched every episode of, from start to finish. It made me a Gundam fan, got me into other anime, and of course, steered me into being a modeler. The HG Gundam Exia was the first model for me to go beyond a straight build. Looking up info on the internet, I painted, panel-lined, and even attempted modifications. That was over 6 years ago, using improper and makeshift supplies. I am still not a pro, but I have came a long way since then. Taking the very same HG Gundam Exia, I redid every piece. Here it is, my renewed HG Gundam Exia.

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十月の購入物 October Loots – 2016

At long last, I am in Japan once again. This time, I will not be a temporary visitor here to shop and sight-see. For that reason, I am surprised at the amount of loots I ended up with. It is nowhere near the amount I purchased on my previous visits to Japan, but it is quite more than my recent loots this year. Besides getting lured by the crane game for the ご注文はうさぎですか towel, in my mind, all I did this month was buying a couple model kits and a few manga. Putting it that way, it doesn’t sound like a lot.

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SF Chinatown – September 13th, 2016

On Tuesday the 13th of September, I had to visit San Francisco to take care of some official business. My original plan was to just finish that and leave, but my friend GameMaster was in town, so I asked if he would like to join me to San Francisco. Luckily, he could come with me. It was great that I was able to hang out with him one more time before I journey off to the land of the rising sun.

Before the photos, I must apologize about the crappy picture quality because I didn’t bring my DSLR and only had my outdated phone.

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As soon as we got to San Francisco, we were immediately greeted with the old style railway. At this moment, I realized that I haven’t really taken much photos of San Francisco, and that this is my last chance to do so.

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Life This Month 56 – August 2016

August wasn’t a very good month. For whatever reason, everything for the blog just couldn’t go smoothly and the whole month wasn’t very productive in that regard. I was unable to take any decent photos for any of my finished models. MG Exia, HG Barabtos, Valvrave, HMM Blade Liger. I just couldn’t put together a proper post for any of them. Giving up temporarily, I decided to focus on getting hobby stuff done, but still fell a little short of my intended goals for that. Continue Reading