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六月の購入物 June Loots – 2017

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The main thing for this month’s loots revolves around the bonuses I got in watching the 魔法科高校の劣等生 星を呼ぶ少女 movie in theaters. I first saw the commercials for this movie when coming to the theater to watch the Sword Art Online movie. It caught my attention and so I tried out the TV anime series, which I enjoyed and so I purchased the advance ticket for the movie.

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四月の購入物 April Loots – 2017

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This month, I had loots coming from various sources: purchases made in stores, bonuses from movie theaters, online orders, and also gifts from friends. Most of the items this month were unplanned purchases that I just happened to stumble upon by chance, and given the opportunity of crossing paths with me, I had to buy them.

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MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑫ 【武装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 12– [Weapons]

The weapons are always what I build last for any model and this MG Gundam Exia was no exception. The blue parts for the armors and weapons were painted on separate occasions, so I was quite surprised at how I was able to mix the exact same color without any trouble. The color, or more accurately the texture, of the frame pieces for the weapons though, was harder to match with the rest of the body, which was originally painted many years ago. //続きを見る Continue Reading//

MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑪ 【青い外装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 11 – [Blue Armor Pieces]

At long last, I now have the skills and ability to challenge what to me was the most difficult part of building this Master Grade Gundam Exia, painting the blue armor pieces in the color I envisioned. For years since I began building Gundam models, I only had access to a limited selection of colors from spray paints oriented for DIY use. But now I have access to an airbrush along with the proper paints for hobby use, thanks to my friend Blitz-X.

These are the pieces in question. A couple years prior, I had tried to work with a couple of the pieces but given up. First, I needed to undo the damages done, and then prepare the rest of the blue armor pieces. //続きを見る Continue Reading//

MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑩ 【白い外装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 10 – [White Armor Pieces]

For far too long, my build of my first Master Grade, Gundam Exia, had remained on hiatus. At the time of the last work-in-progress, I was facing the dilemma of what to do with the colored armor pieces, which were not going so well. The conclusion was that I simply did not have the ability to work with those parts in the way that I want to. I lost a fair amount of motivation and thus Gundam Exia remained boxed up in storage.

A couple years later in 2015, my modeling skills had improved, but more importantly, I met my good friend Blitz-X. Coincidentally, he was also building his own Master Grade Exia, so we thought it would be cool if we both worked on our Exia concurrently. My motivation returned, and the first step was to finish all of the white armor pieces.
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十一月の購入物 November Loots – 2016

Compared to the first month, the amount of loots for this second month in Japan is quite tame. For myself, I had purchased four boxes of gunpla, while everything else were free goodies I received through campaigns, events, or friends. In particular, a booster box of Cardfight Vanguard G Set #8 was split between me and my friend, Xyrenth. Perhaps “split” not the right word, as more accurately, she bought a booster box and presented me the cards she doesn’t want. Anyways, let’s go onto the details of the loots.

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HG Gundam Exia Renewal (2015)

During my childhood, I have built some Gundam models to play with on a few rare occasions. However, the series Gundam 00 revolutionized a number of things in my life. For one, it is the first Gundam series I ever watched every episode of, from start to finish. It made me a Gundam fan, got me into other anime, and of course, steered me into being a modeler. The HG Gundam Exia was the first model for me to go beyond a straight build. Looking up info on the internet, I painted, panel-lined, and even attempted modifications. That was over 6 years ago, using improper and makeshift supplies. I am still not a pro, but I have came a long way since then. Taking the very same HG Gundam Exia, I redid every piece. Here it is, my renewed HG Gundam Exia.

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Life This Month 57 – September 2016

After months of uncertainty, I finally know the direction my future will go. At the end of this month, I am going to Japan. This time, it will not be a temporary 3-month short stay. This time, I am going to be there for real. This is the moment I have always been waiting for. My application process started in April of this year, but my desire to live in Japan started years and years ago in high school. However, as my remaining time in the US dwindles, the emotions I felt was not happiness nor excitement. Instead, all of my attention was focused here, on all the things I want to finish before I depart for Japan.

On the 2nd, I started building HMM Liger Zero’s Jager armor. My intention was to finish it in a couple weeks, and then maybe have enough time to build the Schneider armor as well. While it didn’t seem like a set of armor would take much time initially, the parting line and surface clean up (especially on the shoulders) took too long. In the end, I had to rush, staying up late at night to complete the remaining parts. Continue Reading

Life This Month 56 – August 2016

August wasn’t a very good month. For whatever reason, everything for the blog just couldn’t go smoothly and the whole month wasn’t very productive in that regard. I was unable to take any decent photos for any of my finished models. MG Exia, HG Barabtos, Valvrave, HMM Blade Liger. I just couldn’t put together a proper post for any of them. Giving up temporarily, I decided to focus on getting hobby stuff done, but still fell a little short of my intended goals for that. Continue Reading

Life This Month 54 – June 2016

For most of June, I spent my time updating the blog and writing new posts. In order for me to move forward in my hobby life and upload new content, I must finish the entire backlog of photos I have accumulated over the past few years. Look forward to new updates coming soon. As for what I did besides staring at the monitor:

On the 1st of this month, I played some SAO:Lost Song. I reached what appears to be the last dungeon and the climax of the story? I can’t help but feel this disconnect of immersion when during cutscenes, the characters talks of challenge and adversity but then the gameplay was really easy. In fact, there wasn’t even much monsters to begin with. Anyways, I fought a duel and Rain told us her secret. I also proceeded with Yuuki’s character events and unlocked her unique sword skill, Mother’s Rosario. Awesome that they have that sword skill in this game. Continue Reading