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【作製】HMM ブレードライガー ①素組み [WIP] HMM Blade Liger – 1 Straight Build

Ever since my childhood days, I have been a huge fan of Zoids. When I first learned about Kotobukiya’s HMM (High-end Master Model) series, it was like a dream come true. Articulation was my biggest complaint as a kid about Takara Tomy’s Zoids models, because they weren’t as playable when they can’t move well. Now that I’m older, I pay attention to details and proportions as well, and the HMM line by Kotobukiya has been everything I ever wanted for Zoids. I finally made the Blade Liger as my first HMM purchase in May 2012 when I was studying abroad in Kyoto. However, it wasn’t until November 2014 when I finally begun to build the kit.



The body is made up of 3 sections. The front and back connects to the mid-section through ball joints, which allows the body to flex up and down and side to side. Actual moving pistons are used in the front shoulders and the sides of the mid-section. Another subtle but appreciated details are a few pieces of clear orange parts.


Here is the entire body without any armors. I really like all the mechanical details.


Next, I begun work on the four legs. Unlike the body, the pistons on the legs do not move or have any functionality. The coils around some of the pistons are real springs, which I thought was a nice touch.

Each of the toes are also separate and can move slightly up and down, but not spread closer nor farther side to side.


After a number of hours, all of the legs are completed. My only complaint is the foot cannot move side to side, meaning that I can’t control the direction that the toes face.


Next, I added on the tail and the frame for the head. The tail is made of a few pieces that connects together through cylinder pegs, so it can rotate to sway the tail in a direction. Some ball joins would have made it a lot easier though.


Let’s add some fangs to this beast. The teeth are actually quite sharp, so you don’t need to do any sharpening yourself.


Continuing on, I have some of the Blade Liger’s armaments here. On the left are the Rocket Boosters and Double Barrel Shock Cannon. On the right is one of the Laser Blades, which has a Pulse Laser Gun on the back of the blade.


For some reason, I really like the design on the Double Barrel Shock Cannon. It is a shame that the cannon is so hard to see, as it is mounted on the underside of the liger.

Let’s take a break here and look at Blade Liger’s completed frame.



Just look at all those present mechanical details, simply stunning. This is what you can expect from Kotobukiya’s HMM line.


Here is a fearsome pose before continuing on with the build.


Here it is with some of the head armor attached. The cockpit screen can open, and on the right is the Zoid Core with its housing unit. It is a little annoying that you have to detach the entire head to access the Zoid Core though.


On the left, the back armors and Laser Blades are attached. In the middle are all the shoulder armors. On the right, the rest of the fins for the head and armor for the feet are built.

The HMM Blade Liger is complete! Let’s take a look from a couple angles.


Altogether, this straight build took 18 hours. That number includes all the clean up work I did, such as sanding seams and parting lines. Being a large size zoid, it has quite the number of parts. The details and proportions are great. The articulation is good overall, but the tail and feet in particular could have used a different design. The same applies for a couple joints that pulls out all too easily.


Lastly, here is the frame and completed liger side by side. Next will be the long process of painting!


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