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八月の購入物 August Loots – 2014

Although I do most of my shopping in person either in Nagoya or Nishio, there were a few items that I had to order online. In total, I had 3 packages. The biggest package was massive but very light as it contained a lot of empty space. The bulk of my shopping really was done in person though, so let’s see all of my loots together.

Contrary to the number of packages, here is everything I bought in the month of August alone:

  • DX 金&銀のリンゴロックシード DX Gold & Silver Apple Lock Seed
  • S.H.フィギュアーツ 仮面ライダー龍玄 [ブドウアームズ] S.H.Figuarts Kamen Irder Ryuugen [Budou Arms]
  • オレンジロックシード [DX版] Orange Lock Seed [DX ver.]
  • ブラッドオレンジロックシード [ガチャ版] Blood Orange Lock Seed [Gacha ver.]
  • カチドキロックシード [DX版] Kachidoki Lock Seed [DX ver.]
  • メロンロックシード [食玩版] Melon Lock Seed [Shokugan ver.]
  • メロンエナジーロックシード [食玩版] Melon Energy Lock Seed [Shokugan ver.]
  • ロボット魂 ウォクス・アウラ Robot Damashii Vox Aura
  • 【PSV】 ガンダムブレイカー Gundam Breaker
  • 【PSV】 ゴッドイーター2 God Eater 2
  • 【PSV】 真・ガンダム無双 Shin Gundam musou
  • 【PSV】 バレットガールズ [ソフマップ特典付] Bullet Girls [w/ Sofmap Bonus]
  • 鏡の国の針栖川 1&2 Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa Vol.1 & 2
  • 姉ログ1~4 Ane Log Vol.1 – 4
  • うわばきっず1 Uwabakids Vol.1
  • IS シュガー&ハニー 1 IS:Sugar & Honey Vol.1
  • 浪漫三重奏1~4 Roman Sanjuusou Vol.1 – 4
  • 藤村くんメイツ1~8 Fujimura-kun Mates Vol.1 – 8
  • ToLoveる ダークネス5、6、11 ToLove-Ru Darkness Vol.5, 6, 11
  • ボクの下僕になぁれっ!1 Boku no Geboku ni Naare! Vol.1
  • ネット嫁VS7人のクノ一軍団 Net-yome VS 7-nin no Kuno’ichi Gundan
  • かんなぎ9 [特装版] Kannagi Vol.9 [Special Edition]
  • 魔王が家賃を払ってくれない Maou ga Yachin wo Harattekurenai
  • 勇しぶ。1 Yuushibu Vol.1
  • とある日常のいんでっくすさん1 Toaru Nichijou no Index-san Vol.1
  • 明るいセカイ計画1 Akarui Sekai Keikaku Vol.1
  • 宇宙炉心ムーモ 2 Uchuu Roshinn Muumo Vol.2
  • 魔王なあの娘と村人A1~3 Maou na ano Ko to Murabito A Vol.1 – 3
  • 新妹魔王の契約者3 Shinmai Maou no Testament Vol.3
  • キャンディパフ [初回限定版](成年漫画) Candy Puff [1st Limited Edition](Adult Manga)
  • キストモ(成年漫画) Kiss Tomo (Adult Manga)
  • そとの国のヨメ(成年漫画) Soto no Kuni no Yome (Adult Manga)
  • 電撃PlayStation Vol.572 Dengeki PlayStation Vol.572
  • ぴくりる!トレーディングストラップ アスナコレクション Pikuriru Trading Strap – Asuna Collection【By Hobby Stock
  • にいてんごむっ!ビビッドレッドオペレーション Niitengomu! VividRed Operation 【By Toy’sWorks
  • 艦娘おまもりマスコット Kan’Musume Omamori Mascot 【By Ensky
  • ガンダム デゥエルカンパニー01(2パック) Gundam: Duel Company 01 (2 packs)

Last month’s list was really long, but this is absolutely a new record. However, the majority of them are manga purchased at discounted prices. In fact, almost everything you see here were purchased at discounted prices in used-goods retailers. So despite the volume, I did not spent as much money as one might initially think. Let’s look at the each of them in detail.

This time in Japan, I got the chance to watch Kamen Rider Gaim’s サッカー大決戦!黄金の果実争奪杯! movie in theaters. I did not have any expectations for it, but I was pleasantly surprised and impressed. After watching the movie, I knew that I want to get the Golden Apple Lock Seed from the movie. I don’t care for the Silver but they are bundled together.

Altogether, here are all the Lock Seeds I purchased this month. If you have seen all of my previous monthly loots, then you will know that I don’t buy Kamen Rider belts and transformation toys. However, Gaim was amazing series and these Lock Seeds genuinely have more play value than rings, switches or coins.

They look really nice just being out on display too. I cannot wait to set up some fake vines or fence to hang these on.

Speaking of Kamen Rider Gaim, I happened to see a stack of S.H.Figuarts for Ryuugen, which was released just recently. Originally I didn’t plan to buy Ryuugen, since the promotional images with the decoration master looked horrible. However, the actual product and in person, looked perfect with the shade of green and purple being spot on. Given this opportunity, I also dig through the stack and stared at each box to pick the one with the best paint application.

This Robot Damashii of Vox Aura wasn’t something I particularly wanted, or even know about for that matter. However for just ¥500, I have got nothing to loose.I will probably check out the anime to see what this thing is about. For something that doesn’t have much accessories, the box is sure big.

Here are some miscellaneous goods I bought. The boxes of straps and charms were sealed and I had no idea which type was inside. They were cheap, so why not?

Here are the results for each box! The VividRed Operation rubber strap was Futaba Aoi. The Asuna Collection rubber strap was the Newly Wed version! The KanColle good luck charm was Shigure. For VividRed Operation, I was hoping for Akane or Rei, so darn. For the Asuna straps, I would be happy with pretty much any type, but I am particularly happy with getting this newly wed version. Awesome! For the KanColle charms, I don’t know much about KanColle so I kind of just bought it for fun. I have no idea who Shigure is and I was hoping for a familiar face.

Bandai made a new Gundam card game called Duel Company. I saw the teaser site and promo videos before coming to Japan, so I was excited and looked forward to getting a couple cards. I have no interest in the game itself. I am only interested for the cool illustrations. I purchased just two packs. The first pack simply sucked. I got a GM (the grunt of grunts), goddamn Ortega, and Yzak Joule. So I decided to buy another pack, and once again Ortega comes back to haunt my ass. The next card was Ali al-Saachez and I pretty lost all hope, except what followed was the Unicorn Gundam. YESSSS!

The Unicorn Gundam in Unicorn Mode is a R4 rarity card. Yzak Joule and Ali al-Saachez are R2. The highest rarity is R6 with the commons being R1. Getting a R4 card in my second pack in addition to it being the Unicorn Gundam was pretty awesome.

And this is all of the manga I bought this month. After this month, I will only have 2 weeks left in Japan. Books are heavy and expensive to ship, and I have plenty of space in my luggage so I am going to make use of the advantage being here in Japan to bring back a whole bunch of manga for me read in my free time. After all, the next time I visit Japan could be years and years from now.

Here is a better look at just the manga. I count 35 volumes. In addition to the big stack of normal manga, I also bought some more adult manga.

All of these manga are new series that I am picking up for the first time, with the exception of the ones in the last two photos which are sequential volumes for series I am already reading. I already have vol.5 and 6 of ToLove-Ru Darkness, but I wanted the regular editions too. The books in the last photo were brand new volumes that came out recently.

I also picked up the latest issue of Dengeki Playstation. At the time, I just recently attended PSO2’s Kanshasai 2014 in Nagoya. The anticipated Mission: Episode 3 update was going to go live at the end of the month and I was really excited. This issue of Dengeki Playstation contained info and interviews regarding that newest update, as well as a redeemable code for an exclusive in-game weapon. The magazine also came with other books which were some 4-koma stuff and a short guide book for a game called Chain Chronicle V.

On the right are the 3 volumes of adult manga I mentioned earlier. These were an impulse buy and I can’t say I made the right choices. What happened was that it was my final trip shopping all the way in Nagoya. As usual of me, I spent the entire day running to every store I knew, going through them one last time. Toranoana was my final stop, but by the time I got to it, it was almost closing time. I did not have the luxury of casually going through each floor. Being my last time coming to Nagoya meant I don’t have a second chance to shop here again. I had to make some decisions quick. I knew I wanted to buy some more adult manga, so I rushed up to that floor. The tricky part was that I really am not familiar with ero-manga. I don’t know any of these authors nor if I like their art style. I started flipping through whatever opened store copies they had and quickly grabbed the few titles that I thought wasn’t bad. Now that I have the time to take a closer look though… Candy Puff is ok. The other two…ehh, not my style. I wonder how desperate I must have looked from an outside perspective.

Last month, I purchased a PS Vita and my first PSV game. This month, I add to my PSV game collection. I actually didn’t buy as many games as I imagined myself doing. Even at a discount, games are still not exactly cheap. Plus, I even bought extra copies for certain games so that I can play them together with my younger brother. The 4 games here are the ones I bought for myself.

I have always wanted to play these Gundam games but couldn’t without a PS3 or the PS Vita. I also keep seeing God Eater 2, so I want to give that a try.

Bullet Girls was a brand new game that was released in late-August. Another advantage of being in Japan is that if you plan to buy a new game on release date, you have plenty of options when it comes to store bonuses. But the prices do vary a little bit as a result. Although Amazon JP would have been convenient, I didn’t like their store bonus which was DLC for costumes. I ended buying from Sofmap which came with a B2 size tapestry.

This is the illustration for the tapestry. Being in B2 size, it is actually quite big. In my opinion, this was the nicest store bonus, but it still isn’t exactly my style of a thing to hang in my room. I am still happy that I got it though. Just the experience of buying a new game on release date with a store bonus felt rewarding.

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