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「心待ち」- Struggles in Japan 17 – February 2018

The month of February felt incredibly long. Funny, given that February is the shortest months. But thinking back to the events that happened during the first or even second week, it all felt like it was so long ago. Much of it might be due to me anticipating two events: the PS4 game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, and moving into a new community based share-house.

Having decided where I will move to, I soon started to pack up and sort through my things. My scheduled move-in date was the middle of the month, so although somewhat early, I didn’t want to wait knowing that I have a task to be done.

1st – started Accel World vol.13
13th – finished Accel World vol.13 (and also 囮物語). Started vol.14 the same day.
For some reason I kept thinking that I am still on vol.12. I suppose it’s unbelievable that I am more than half way in the series, slowly approaching the latest volume that is #22. The illustrator, HIMA’s art for the cover art and color pages has gotten very nice since vol.__ or so. Interestingly, the ecchi-ness has increased considerably as well.
20th – finished vol.14. Wow, that was an exciting volume. Filled with combat and suspense from beginning to end.
Next, I focused on reading 鬼物語 with the goal of finishing in a week, but I ended up being busy and falling short.

8th – release date of Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. I purchased the most premium version, the Limited Edition Dengeki 25th Anniversary Special Pack.
9th~12th – the immediate weekend following SAO:FB’s release. I stayed over at my friend Lettuce’s apartment for the entire extended weekend in order to indulge in playing the game on his PS4. As I like to be surprised, I kept dark on info after seeing the announcement trailer and early gameplay reveal.
My first impression upon staring the game was that I really like the graphic style, a perfect blend of 3D and 2D. I had to make my own character, whereas I originally hoped to play just as Kirito and other existing characters. Not too bad, though I struggled with deciding my characters’ names, along with what stats to level. For reasons of changing the names and whatnot, I started over a few times. The game itself is awesome; the gun play, the movements, the environments, the UI, and the list goes on. I tested the PS4’s streaming feature to show my little brother the game. Over the extended weekend, I played through 2 fields and 2 bosses.

On breaks from SAO:FB, I resumed on playing Rockman.EXE with my friend. Story-wise, we are prepared to seek out WWW’s server. I hope to finish the game by the end of this month. Outside of games, I had fun chatting with Lettuce in person again; only 2 weeks since but still. As usual, we made random stupid jokes and things. Good times. While I played, he made all of the meals and treated me very well. I wish to repay those favors somehow someday.

17th – the day I can finally move into the new community share-house. The distance between my current house and the new apartment is about 5 km, equals ~1 hour on foot, equals 2+ hour round-trip, plus heavy luggage. The boxes of manga and other books were by far the heaviest, which I moved first by myself. Lettuce came over to help me for the second trip, which by the end of we were both exhausted.
The next day, I continued moving luggage by myself. My body was not as sore as I feared, and I made another two trips. In between today and yesterday, I have walked 40 km. Done for the day, I called up Lettuce to continue some more on Rockman.EXE together. We have explored all of the bonus areas, Internet 10~16, gathering chip data and HP memories. For the rest of the night, I greeted and talked to other housemates in the shared community lounge. A physically exhausting but happy weekend.

In the community share-house, the main lounge is shared by many people across several apartment units. The atmosphere is lively; an environment that will enable me to practice my interactions with others, getting closer to the person I want to be. My apartment unit is incredibly comfy and clean, shared with 2 others who have their own room. In my new bunk bed room, I have been sleeping nice and warm. However, my biggest dilemma is how I don’t have a desk. Securing my own personal working space is must, and I am still working out how to achieve that, taking into account that a roommate will move in eventually.

23rd~25th – Once again, I spent the weekend over at Lettuce’s apartment to play SAO:FB. I cleared the 3rd field, the boss fight of which was awesome, showing that enemy from the anime. Lettuce and I also finished the first Rockman.EXE game. Funny thing, Lettuce’s game is glitched where going into the secret metro station breaks his game. He would walk out of a building and accidentally walk into the secret metro, yelling “oh sh!t” while he trips down basement into the abyss. Meanwhile, the game randomly skipped me having to unlock a door. Also, the final boss was so much easier than when I played as a kid. Before calling the game done, we want to complete the chip data library some more and fight the bonus bosses next time.

Mostly just finishing some old anime:

  • 終物語 (started – ep.1~7)
  • ロックマン エグゼ (finished – ep.46~56)
  • ロックマン エグゼ Axess (started – ep.1~3)
  • しゅごキャラ!パーティー (ep.15~18)

Read through these novels:

  • アクセル・ワールド (finished vol.13~14)
  • 囮物語 (finished)
  • 鬼物語 (started)

Tried to play as much of these games as possible:

  • -PS4- ソードアート・オンライン -フェイタル・バレット-
  • -PSV- Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 -Death or Kiss-
  • -GBA- ロックマン エグゼ (finished)

Slowly putting together the weapons:

  • [MG] アドヴァンスド ジンクス

「初!!」- Struggles in Japan 16 – January 2018

2018… a new year. For me, it is a new beginning as well, with new environments and people to get accustomed to. I cannot say that 2018 is looking all that promising in terms of my personal life, but I will declare here that I will make the most of it however I can. At the very least, the year ahead doesn’t look grim. I am satisfied for it to be average.

Outside of my personal circumstances and looking at my hobbies, 2018 looks to be a grand year for Sword Art Online and video games in general. Soon, the game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be coming out, plus airing later in the year, two anime series, the Alicization Arc and Gun Gale Online. Video games in general, I am interested in Monster Hunter World, New Gundam Breaker, Code Vein, and Anthem. And although nothing specific just yet, gunpla is closing in on its 40th anniversary in 2020 and with 2017 having an incredible set of releases, I look forward to what is planned for 2018.

Following my first time to Comiket, I started this year off by shopping for more doujinshi at Toranoana. Simply put, I wasn’t able to see everything, especially on the last day, and there were also stuff that sold out. And to my surprise, I actually didn’t purchase all that much R18 books, so the trip to Toranoana on the 1st was to recuperate all of that by making sure I was satisfied with my Comiket experience and to start the year off happy.

//Continue Reading//

「初めてのコミケット」- Struggles in Japan 15 – December 2017

The last month of 2017, it is a time for celebration and reflection. For me, 2017 has the hardest year of my life so far, and it was also the year in which I was most saved. After hitting rock bottom, the only way things could go was up. And I survived. In the final quarter of the year, I finally made it to square one. So now I celebrate, the joy of being in Japan.

2nd – Having finished reading a number of volumes of the Accel World novels, ending the Chrome Disaster arc, I talked with my little brother online, summarizing the story for him. It ended up taking 5.5 hours and I felt sincerely bad about taking his time (and his time to sleep), but also felt so grateful that I have a brother that was willing to listen to me talk for hours on. We caught up on other things too, such as some drawings and models. //Continue Reading//

「読書+久々の大量買い」- Struggles in Japan 14 – November 2017

November was a long month, by the end of which my new life has more or less settled into a routine. Around the middle of the month, I felt disappointed that I still haven’t been able to finish all of my hobby backlog, to allow myself to move on and commit to practicing new skills. In between work, sleep, cooking and eating, and other life activities, very little time is left for me to actually focus on my hobbies. However, I have already decided a while back to take things at my natural pace. While I still haven’t finished enough to move on, looking back at what I did the past few months, I did finish a considerable amount. Over half of my backlog has been cleared. My own guess is that I am 70% of the way through, with manga mostly done and games being the heaviest obstacle left.

The first thing I did this month was to blow my very first full paycheck. Not all of it, mind you. Just half. In the past year, I had to endure through not buying many things, from hobby to leisure to even living essentials. But now, literally, I can afford them. On the 3rd, I went shopping in Akihabara, buying models, a figure, some cards, and some other stuff. It felt good going on a shopping spree and I felt like myself again, reminded of my first time in Japan. My shopping didn’t end there. Online, I ordered a portable mattress, desk lamp, hugging pillow, among other things I needed.
It took me a while to decide on a dakimakura cover, which later arrived on the 13th. The pillow that I bought for it was an incredibly expensive but high quality one, full size and amazingly fluffy. My past couple hugging pillows were cheap and not designed specifically for dakimakura covers. Now my worry is how to keep them nice and clean. //Continue Reading//

「積み消去に勤しむ」- Struggles in Japan 13 – October 2017

Starting in October, the weather is finally cooling. Before long, it felt cold as if winter. Relatively speaking that is. The actual winter here in Japan is simply colder than what I am used to. Anyways, the current weather makes for great nice days sleeping in and staying in the futon while reading manga.

6th~10th – My first goal of this month was to start and finish the Maiden of the Abyss DLC expansion for SAO:HR. And so, I stayed over at my friend Lettuce’s apartment for a few days. Even so, on the last day, I had to stay up all night playing the game, just to barely finish by early morning. I know my friend didn’t sleep well with the TV flashing all night long, so sorry about that, and thank you letting me play.
To me, it was a very good story DLC that was worth the money. I still have a bit more content left to do actually, such as character events to unlock some last cutscenes. I read some Accel World during breaks from the game, and also bought Lettuce a birthday gift, a HG Gundam Local Type [NAF] model, then treated him to dinner at Johnathan’s. //Continue Reading//

「忙しい日常の始まり」- Struggles in Japan 12 – September 2017

On the 1st weekend, I went over to my friend Lettuce’s apartment. Originally, I planned to start on SAO:HR’s サクラメンツ・インベーション 3 and 蒼空の闘士 update content. However, despite the free level boost of all characters to lv.80, the difficulty of the サクラメンツ・インベーション 3 dungeons were still near impossible. So instead, I watched Lettuce play Bloodborne. //Continue Reading//

「休息」 – Struggles in Japan 11 – August 2017

This month was a transition period. And thus, I have the entire month off as free time. For me, it was a much needed break. I spent most of it staying over at my friend Lettuce’s apartment. As such, being out of the house for most of the time combined with my neglect of the camera and blog, I only have a couple terrible photos of my desk. //Continue Reading//

「進路変更」 – Struggles in Japan 10 – July 2017

Let’s talk about this blog. To be honest, I have lost in interest in blogging. More accurately, I have I lost interest in photography, as I have always disliked writing. To me right now, time is scarce and valuable, which doesn’t go well with my inability to write within any reasonable amount of time. I want to quit blogging and already have for the most part. The monthly life and loot posts are all that is left, and still, that is too much for me to handle. My degree of neglect is to the point of never wanting to pick up my camera ever again. I have more important things to do.

However, as much reasons and excuses I give myself, stopping this blog entirely means giving up my memories during this period. That is something I cannot do. And so, everything is delayed and on hiatus while I work out a new way of approaching things.

I have started to take life easy and slow, no longer forcing myself. I have a clearer idea of what I want to do, how to accomplish them, and what I must do right now. At the same time, I realize and accept my incompetence, as well as recalling upon my life philosophies. Before anything else, I must regain myself, the person I truly am, before I can be who I want to be. It is a great feeling to immerse in my hobbies without constraints, for my true path lies within there. //Continue Reading//

「降り続く光」 – Struggles in Japan 9 – June 2017

June, half way into 2017. In this year, I have been through tough times and even despaired, but since April, various aspects of my life here started to improve. This month, I have been offered a chance overturn my current stalemate of a situation. Finally within reach is the position of remaining in Japan under a stable and enjoyable environment while building up resources for the future. A favorable living environment, a stable balance of time and money, a promising path to the future, the results of which was an especially busy month. During my free time, I enjoyed whatever I can, an attempt to reduce my stuffed backlog of things to do. On days off, I visited explored potential paths for the distant future. Things are getting better, and I must make full use of the time I can now afford.

On the 2nd – finished the second volume of Bakemonogatari. I have been reading the novels of Bakemonogatari since January and I wanted to finish the second book by the end of May. I had about a hundred pages left and sadly fell short of my goal by a couple days. //Continue Reading//

「始まらない始まり & 睡魔との闘い」 – Struggles in Japan 8 – May 2017

For a long time, I have been wanting to dash forward, to leap, and to chase after my goals and dreams in life. Last month had some rough situations but my friends and I were able to seize an incredibly rare opportunity at the last minute, and now I live in a spacious two story house with just the three of us. Finally, my living circumstances are falling into place. Perhaps now is my chance? This month was a chance indeed, however I had too much luggage for me to sprint. Too much I couldn’t let go, too much things to do, too weak to do them, too little time for all of them.

Not much on the desk. Still deciding where everything should be placed.

The first week of May was Golden Week. My second time experiencing it, and although it would be nice to use Golden Week to build a model or draw an illustration, I knew that it still wouldn’t be enough time to complete anything even if I devoted every single day to a specific project. Instead, I re-watched the first season of Gundam 00 with my friend Lettuce who watched it for his first time, finishing it over two sittings. Lettuce came over at night on Wednesday the 3rd and stayed over until Friday morning. We were able to watch up to episode 19, while introducing him the details of the model kits of the mobile suits that were showing up. We also played a little bit of Rockman.EXE where we explored the back internet area and slowly proceeded in the story, walking around 官庁街 (governmental district) and investigating the missing water incident by trying to get into the water department. Next time, I visited Lettuce’s apartment on the Sunday the 7th and finished the remaining episodes of Gundam 00 1st season. He enjoyed it and looked forward to watching the 2nd season. Also during Golden Week, I chat with chat with my brother and played a couple Gundam breaker 2 challenge missions on the 6th. //Continue Reading//