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A Snapshot of Thoughts #1 – April 19th, 2017

Originally, I was going to take a photo of a sakura tree, of which the flowers have mostly fallen off by now, as an example to show how things keep on slipping by in my current life. Spring came and the sakura bloomed. If it was me several years ago, I would have been excited, going around places taking photos of the flower to upload onto this blog. Even now, I reminisce about the moments I spent in Kyoto during spring 2012. This year, this time in Japan, I have not taken a single photo of them. The sakura petals have fallen and they are gone now. Much like my inability to take photos of the sakura on time, other things in my life simply keep on slipping by. The reasons and scenarios were various. Anyways, I thought I was too late to yet another event.

But today, I saw these flowers at a park nearby. I admit. I don’t know what these flowers are. However, they fulfilled the same role as sakura in my heart, beautifully vivid pink trees in full bloom during spring. This wasn’t quite what I had imagined, but this alternative will do. I dreamed of living together with friends in Japan, hanging out, buying things, and engaging our hobbies. My life right now isn’t quite what I had imagined… but perhaps… this alternative might do.
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「失敗の味」 – Struggles in Japan 6 – March 2017

Life has many ups and downs, and that is especially true for me ever since I came to Japan last year. Repeating one month after another, it has been just rough cycles of things looking hopeful then things going wrong. This month was another down, another unsuccessful effort, another moment I must endure through. April was approaching. The start of a new year for businesses and academics in Japan. It was the prime time to seize an opportunity to change my situation. But once again, outside of my control, I fell into another pitfall. Ahh… this is the taste of failure.

This failure was only a small taste of what it would be like when my time runs out. My time in Japan isn’t over; it continues. Seeing it positively, a friend told me that things have simply reverted back to the original plan of studying for a year. While nothing improved, it didn’t worsen either. …or so I would like to fool myself into thinking.

In the past 6 months, I have been through a fair share of struggles and suffering. I honestly considered the option of giving up and going home. Oh, how I miss my mom’s food. Oh, how I miss playing with my brother. Oh, how I miss not having to worry about work and money. My life back in the States was not satisfactory. I was accomplishing nothing there, so I left to pursue greater happiness. But I am accomplishing nothing here either. I am exhausted… Just exhausted…

Without a future, the promise of friends was the only hope that kept me going. My friend March wants me to move into his dorm where space opened up and my friend Lettuce is coming to Japan. There were some dim lights in this dark dark tunnel…

Nothing changed much around my desk during this dreadful month.

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「涙と悲しみと虚しさから立ち上がる力」 – Life in Japan 5 – February 2017

February was a whirlwind of emotions and feelings. Early on, something really sad happened. I cried for [redacted], over and over again. My mind begin to sink into the abyss, drifting further away from the passion I once had. What woke me up though, was Sword Art Online. Its movie, Ordinal Scale, released in theaters on the 18th. I wasn’t prepared, nor was I in the mood, for it. Still, from a friend’s encouragement, I went to watch it on release day. This entire event made me realize things I had forgotten about and showed me the strength I needed to move forward again. The reasons why I came to Japan are all around me. I must to attain the ability to reach out for them.

So, due to the events during this month, the way I spent my free time changed in two major ways. One, I stopped building gunpla. Two, I focused on games, especially SAO:HR. //Continue Reading//

「Restart:またゼロから」 – Life in Japan 4 – January 2017

January. New year. 2017.
However, for me, this January did not represent a new beginning. The situation has not changed. Injured, I am still crawling through the mud, trying to get out of this swamp. December 2016 was the end of many things. And now, I must restart from zero. Despite being in Japan for 4 months, I have not moved on from square one. Absolutely pathetic. //Continue Reading//

「転落」 – Life in Japan 3 – December 2016

I am in a labyrinth. And unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of taking my time to find the way out. In every turn could be a dead end or a trap. And this month, I fell into a pitfall.

A lot went on during this month. Initially, it appeared that my situation was finally going to stabilize a little bit. I came across some cheap used bookshelves that were just perfect for manga. I immediately purchased one of them, carried it home, and arranged my room to what I currently feel to be a very comfortable layout. The desk shifted to the left side and the bookshelf took the desk’s former place, while the bed now lays horizontal to the desk and I can now be on the PC being wrapped in my futon to survive this cold winter. Continue Reading

First Christmas in Japan – 2016

Merry Christmas! Although this year’s Christmas was another lonely one that went by with little celebration, I did whatever I could to make the day a little more special. To celebrate, I bought myself some presents and a cake. Unexpectedly and very gratefully, my little brother bought me the game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. I also kept Christmas BGM on loop for a few days to get into the holiday mood. |Continue Reading|

「迷路の中で小さな一歩」 – Struggles in Japan 2 – November 2016

While November was not a short month, I can’t believe that it is already the end of 2016. Soon another year will pass, and yet, I have not moved very much towards my dreams and aspirations. Coming to Japan was a small step. This month, I made just another small step forward. However, I am in a maze. I think I know where I want to end up, but have no idea how to get there. I am in Japan, surviving, trying to settle down comfortably, searching for opportunities to leap forward. My situation isn’t the best, but it is also not the worst. The chances are here. I can work with this.

For the first weekend of this month, on Saturday the 5th, I went over to Kanamachi in Tokyo to hang out with Xyrenth. For lunch, we ate at Mos Burger. During my first time there, I had the モスバーガーof the same name as the restaurant and it was delicious. This time, I tried their 野菜バーガー, which was also great. Afterwards, we went to karaoke at JoySound for an hour. Oddly, we didn’t get an option to extend the time. Without other things to do, I went with Xyrenth to her apartment for the main purpose of this visit, to checked her in-progress HG Schwalbe Graze. Upon Xyrenth’s request, I repaired the blade tips of the wire claw, and painted some parts in gold. Before returning back to Chiba, Xyrenth treated me to a standing ramen shop for dinner. I enjoyed the food and experience, but I can imagine different if hot and crowded. Continue Reading

「俺の始まりはどこにある?」 – Struggles in Japan 1 – October 2016

If I were to give last month a subtitle, it would be “A Monument To All My Sins”. For this month, it would be “Where Is My Beginning?”. My time spent flying to Japan was a travel, but my time here in Japan will be a journey. My real life, the beginning of a personal journey, of which the destination being a future I desire. However, nothing has started. The whole month was all preparation and settling in. Most of which I had no control over. Is this my beginning? My real life, where and when is it? Perhaps it started already. Perhaps it can’t be found here. I am not quite ready yet, but surely I will start.

This month started on a weekend, and I decided that the first thing I will do for this month is to go to Akihabara. After waiting for so long to come to Japan, it was hard to feel that I really am here. To reorient myself, I did what I have always done in Japan, shopping. It had been over 4 years since my last visit to Akihabara. But this time, I was not alone. I was joined by my good friend Xyrenth who started her life here in Japan 2 months ago. The entire day will be talked about in detail in its own post later. After Akihabara, I returned with Xyrenth to her apartment where we checked out our goods. I slept over and the next day, I stayed in the apartment, taking the time to relax. I started on a gunpla, booted up a game on the PSV, and also helped Xyrenth with her RG Sinanju. In the evening, I returned back to Chiba. By then, a few housemates have arrived and I greeted them. Some more people arrived later that night. Continue Reading

Life This Month 57 – September 2016

After months of uncertainty, I finally know the direction my future will go. At the end of this month, I am going to Japan. This time, it will not be a temporary 3-month short stay. This time, I am going to be there for real. This is the moment I have always been waiting for. My application process started in April of this year, but my desire to live in Japan started years and years ago in high school. However, as my remaining time in the US dwindles, the emotions I felt was not happiness nor excitement. Instead, all of my attention was focused here, on all the things I want to finish before I depart for Japan.

On the 2nd, I started building HMM Liger Zero’s Jager armor. My intention was to finish it in a couple weeks, and then maybe have enough time to build the Schneider armor as well. While it didn’t seem like a set of armor would take much time initially, the parting line and surface clean up (especially on the shoulders) took too long. In the end, I had to rush, staying up late at night to complete the remaining parts. Continue Reading

Life This Month 56 – August 2016

August wasn’t a very good month. For whatever reason, everything for the blog just couldn’t go smoothly and the whole month wasn’t very productive in that regard. I was unable to take any decent photos for any of my finished models. MG Exia, HG Barabtos, Valvrave, HMM Blade Liger. I just couldn’t put together a proper post for any of them. Giving up temporarily, I decided to focus on getting hobby stuff done, but still fell a little short of my intended goals for that. Continue Reading