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MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑫ 【武装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 12– [Weapons]

The weapons are always what I build last for any model and this MG Gundam Exia was no exception. The blue parts for the armors and weapons were painted on separate occasions, so I was quite surprised at how I was able to mix the exact same color without any trouble. The color, or more accurately the texture, of the frame pieces for the weapons though, was harder to match with the rest of the body, which was originally painted many years ago. //続きを見る Continue Reading//


MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑪ 【青い外装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 11 – [Blue Armor Pieces]

At long last, I now have the skills and ability to challenge what to me was the most difficult part of building this Master Grade Gundam Exia, painting the blue armor pieces in the color I envisioned. For years since I began building Gundam models, I only had access to a limited selection of colors from spray paints oriented for DIY use. But now I have access to an airbrush along with the proper paints for hobby use, thanks to my friend Blitz-X.

These are the pieces in question. A couple years prior, I had tried to work with a couple of the pieces but given up. First, I needed to undo the damages done, and then prepare the rest of the blue armor pieces. //続きを見る Continue Reading//

MG ガンダムエクシア 製作その⑩ 【白い外装】 MG Gundam Exia – WIP 10 – [White Armor Pieces]

For far too long, my build of my first Master Grade, Gundam Exia, had remained on hiatus. At the time of the last work-in-progress, I was facing the dilemma of what to do with the colored armor pieces, which were not going so well. The conclusion was that I simply did not have the ability to work with those parts in the way that I want to. I lost a fair amount of motivation and thus Gundam Exia remained boxed up in storage.

A couple years later in 2015, my modeling skills had improved, but more importantly, I met my good friend Blitz-X. Coincidentally, he was also building his own Master Grade Exia, so we thought it would be cool if we both worked on our Exia concurrently. My motivation returned, and the first step was to finish all of the white armor pieces.
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HG ガンダムバルバトス 第4形態 改造製作① HG Gundam Barbatos 4th Form – WIP 1

Ever since my marathon of all 25 episodes of Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans, I have been very excited to get my hands on a HG Gundam Barbatos model kit. When I initially saw the HG model from a friend prior to watching the series, I didn’t think much of the Gundam. After seeing it in action in the anime though, my opinion instantaneously changed. I have not been this excited about purchasing and building a new model in a very long time, and it is a great feeling. //続きを見る Continue Reading//

【製作】HMM ブレードライガー ③塗装&完成 [WIP] HMM Blade Liger -3- Painting & Completion

やっと塗装が完了しHMMブレードライガーが完成しました!いやぁ~ 時間かかりました。(いつもの事ですけどね!) 自分はエアブラシが持ってなくて、塗装の作業を進むにはエアブラシが持っている友達の家に行く必要があるため、限られている時間にしか作業できませんでした。色々大変でしたけど、無事に完成してよかったです。

画像やリンクをクリック↕ Click the image or link.

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HMM ブレードライガー 【作製② 改造編】 HMM Blade Liger [WIP 2 – Modifications]

HMM ブレードライガーの作製の続きです。前回は素組みまででした。塗装に入りたいと思っていましたが、気になるところが数ヶ所ありました。やってみたいこともあるので、今回はちょっと色んなパーツをいじって改造してみました。まずは頭からを見てみましょう。

画像やリンクをクリック↕ Click the image or link.
アニメの設定ではブレードライガーのキャノピーはオレンジの一色ですが、HMMデザインではバイザーの周りに白い枠が付いています。HMMブレードライガーAB バン仕様の公式画像でもその枠を無視て無塗装のままですね。私はどうしても気になるので、モールドを消します。ついでにキャノピーのクリアパーツを半透明化します。

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【製作】HMM ブレードライガー ①素組み            [WIP] HMM Blade Liger – 1 Straight Build



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MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 9 – [GN Condensers]

I really haven’t progressed much on MG Exia. Just the GN Condensers since the last time. Starting with the legs, the GN Condensers there consist of a convex clear piece that fits under a green piece with etchings. Continue Reading!

MG ガンダムエクシア Gundam Exia WIP 8 – [GN Drive]

It has been a year and a half since the previous work-in-progress (January 2011) for MG Exia. Although all the photos needed for this post was already taken by March this year, I wasn’t able to actually type the post because of the trip to Japan. Now I believe that how painfully slow it takes me to finish my kits has gotten out of control. I plan to buckle down and clear some of my current projects soon.

Sanded and panel-lined the cuffs around the wrists. Continue Reading!!

HG ブレイヴ [指揮官用試験機] Brave [Commander Test Type] WIP

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As I was wondering through some stores in Japan, I saw this HG Brave Commander Test Type on sale for about ¥1000. Since it normally retails for about ¥1700, I decided to buy it. I knew that I wanted to buy some gunpla in Japan, but I regret not holding in my temptation to build it here. As a result, I spent money on tools, some of which I cannot even bring back. Alas, I did built it while I’m here, so here is its WIP (work-in-progress).

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