-フローレス パッション-

「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

「初!!」- Struggles in Japan 16 – January 2018

2018… a new year. For me, it is a new beginning as well, with new environments and people to get accustomed to. I cannot say that 2018 is looking all that promising in terms of my personal life, but I will declare here that I will make the most of it however I can. At the very least, the year ahead doesn’t look grim. I am satisfied for it to be average.

Hobby-wise, 2018 looks to be a grand year for Sword Art Online and video games in general. The game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be coming out soon, plus airing later in the year, two anime series, the Alicization Arc and Gun Gale Online. Video games in general, I am interested in Monster Hunter World, New Gundam Breaker, Code Vein, and Anthem. And although nothing specific just yet, gunpla is closing in on its 40th anniversary in 2020 and with 2017 having an incredible set of releases, I look forward to what is planned for 2018.

Following my first time to Comiket, I started this year off by shopping for more doujinshi at Toranoana. Simply put, I wasn’t able to see everything, especially on the last day, and there were also stuff that sold out. Surprisingly, I actually didn’t purchase much R18 books, so the trip to Toranoana on the 1st was to recuperate all of that to make sure I was satisfied with my Comiket experience and to start the year off happy.

Took out the Metal Build Exia to display with the MG GN-X in progress.

3rd – started building the MG Advanced GN-X my little brother bought me, preventing it from joining the backlog. My model kits backlog I have with me has been more-or-less diminished, so let’s keep it that way. From now on, any new models I purchase will be started on and finished promptly.

5th – finished my first route in the Cross Ange game. I got the dragon route, Ange ending. Over the next few days, I replayed the game for Hilda’s and Vivian’s ending.
8th – finished the game’s original Embryo route. It was amusing I suppose. Trying to S rank the last battle was very difficult with teammate stealing my kills.
14th – resumed on playing the PSV Re:Zero game. Finally got pass the 3rd day I was stuck at.

My friend Lettuce had returned to the USA to visit family and after he returned, we chat and caught up. To my disappointment, not much happened for him and it didn’t seem like he had any revelations. All I can do is not worry about him I suppose. Later in the month, he received news of passing JLPT N1.
13th – I invited Lettuce to Odaiba for him to see the GBWC finalists entries and the 1/20 Unicorn concept model currently on display.

4th – started the book 囮物語 but I later switched my focus to reading Accel World.
11th – started Accel World vol.11, finished it in a week, and started vol.12 the next day.
24th – finished Accel World vol.12’s main story. The book included a short extra chapter that I finished the next day.
On the 26th & 27th, I talked to my brother, summarizing the contents in those two books. It took about 3 hours each time, which I once again feel bad about. As for good news, he was able to pass the JLPT N2, which I am incredibly happy about.

20th – attended an online plastic model community’s gathering near Akihabara. In my attempt to meet people and make friends with the same interests, I have been looking at online communities that hosts real life gatherings and events. It was my first time and there were other first time members as well, but to my surprise, everyone (~5 people) looks to be over the age of 40. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the hours of building my models while listening to them talk. I got to see models I wouldn’t build myself, such as Megami Device, Frame Arms Girl, or old gunpla. I worked on my MG Advanced GN-X and my stock of Character Stand Plates.

22nd – 初雪, first snowing of this winter! Compared to last year, it snowed for much longer and continued throughout the day。I absolutely did not expect the snow to build up and even lasting overnight. It was an incredible surprise to me, and so I went over to Kasai, where my friend Lettuce lives, to play in the snow together. Our first idea was to play badminton but we soon realized that it wasn’t going to work. Night had already fallen, then combine the dim environment with white snow, we immediately lost the birdie. Switching to snow fighting, we had a blast being idiots in the snow. On my way home, I even made a snow duck (failed at snowman). Having only lived in places that never snows for all of my life, a snowy day is a fantastic day. The familiar scenery became strange and wonderful, a delight change comparable to that of sakura blooming in the spring. The cold, the falling snow, the white scenery, the crunching below my feet, everything was spectacular. In particular, the view upon waking up the next morning struck awe in me.

Since the beginning of the month, I started to practice drawing digitally on my tablet PC. I am not great at drawing to begin with, and learning to draw on screen is a different challenge than drawing on paper. Both have their respective pros and cons. I will need to continue to practice both and find my own method that works for me.

Getting rid of some anime backlog:

  • ノブナガ・ザ・フール (resumed & finished – ep.3~24)
  • 灼眼のシャナIII –Final– (started & finished – ep.1~24)
  • ToLoveる ダークネス (resumed & finished – ep.8~12)
  • しゅごキャラ!パーティー (resumed – ep.9~14)
  • ロックマン・エグゼ (resumed – ep.41~45)

Only caught up with this manga:

  • 魔王様ちょっとそれとって! (finished vol.4~6)

Enjoyed reading these novels:

  • アクセル・ワールド (finished vol.11~12)
  • 囮物語 (started)

A bit minimal on playing games this month:

  • -PSV- クロスアンジュ 天使と竜の輪舞 tr. (finished)
  • -PSV- Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 -Death or Kiss- (resumed)

Crossed these model kits from the backlog:

  • [MG] アドヴァンスド ジンクス (started)
  • [キャラスタンドプレート] 三日月・オーガス
  • [キャラスタンドプレート] クーデリア・藍那・バーンスタイン
  • [キャラスタンドプレート] アトラ・ミクスタ
  • [キャラスタンドプレート] ホシノ・フミナ

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