-フローレス パッション-

「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

「進路変更」 – Struggles in Japan 10 – July 2017

Let’s talk about this blog. To be honest, I have lost in interest in blogging. More accurately, I have I lost interest in photography, as I have always disliked writing. To me right now, time is scarce and valuable, which doesn’t go well with my inability to write within any reasonable amount of time. I want to quit blogging and already have for the most part. The monthly life and loot posts are all that is left, and still, that is too much for me to handle. My degree of neglect is to the point of never wanting to pick up my camera ever again. I have more important things to do.

However, as much reasons and excuses I give myself, stopping this blog entirely means giving up my memories during this period. That is something I cannot do. And so, everything is delayed and on hiatus while I work out a new way of approaching things.

I have started to take life easy and slow, no longer forcing myself. I have a clearer idea of what I want to do, how to accomplish them, and what I must do right now. At the same time, I realize and accept my incompetence, as well as recalling upon my life philosophies. Before anything else, I must regain myself, the person I truly am, before I can be who I want to be. It is a great feeling to immerse in my hobbies without constraints, for my true path lies within there.

Early in the month, I resumed watching Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood after a small hiatus, and finished the final episode on the 10th. For a long series, the ending was simply perfect and satisfying. No other way to describe it other than being fitting. Watching anime movies in theaters was also a joy I indulged in. I started watching No Game No Life on the 3rd, finished on the 11th in time for the No Game No Life Zero movie on the 15th. The TV anime itself was great and the movie was astonishing. I loved SAO:Ordinal scale but No Game No Life Zero was just as amazing, tying for first place in my list of awesome anime movies I watched in theaters.

In my pursuit of a satisfying room environment, I bought another new desk but troubled over the furniture layout. I stay in the living room where I only have one wall to work with. Worst of all, with no air conditioner in the living room, it is terribly hot and humid, especially at night.

Regarding the Monogatari series:
I resumed reading the novel Kizumonogatari after watching the three movies. On the 18th, I read up to the content in the first movie. About the TV anime, Monogatari Series 2nd Season, after Otorimonogatari arc, I had put it on hiatus years and years ago. I resumed watching it, starting over from the beginning, and on the 19th, I caught up to where I left off and watched Onimonogatari. Coincidentally, it seemed like a good timing as I had just watched the Kizumonogatari movies. Finished watching Onimonogatari on the 20th, started Koimonogatari the next day, finishing it on the 26th. Later that same night, I started Hanamonogatari, finishing that and thus the entire the Monogatari Series 2nd Season on the 28th.

Plastic models-wise:
Bored of building the RG Exia RII, I really wanted to build another Gundam Frame model from Tekketsu no Orphans without having to deal with modifications and other complications yet, so I purchased the cheap and simple Gundam Astaroth, finishing its straight build within the month. The straight build of the RG Exia RII was also completed this month. I want to build a new Zoid one of these days…

In the game AW-SAO:MT.
6th – played for a little bit in the morning. Fought Black Lotus, then the big boss with 6 arms in front of the Tower of Babel. I lost and knew that it will be a tough and long battle for another day.
7th – took a few hours to beat the boss with 6 arms.
8th – entered the Tower of Babel, a dungeon with many floors that played with gravity. It took a while to get to the top.
12th – atop of the Tower of Babel, 2nd battle against Chrome Disaster, who is even stronger than before. His ability to heal, combined with the severe disadvantage of how all bosses don’t flinch from your attacks, made for a painful fight. After some fierce combos + a switch attack, I finally defeated it. Next, some important cutscenes regarding Yui and the future.
13th – Legend tier Enemies showed up and were are invincible. Story was at ep.14. I walked around town for info and completed some quests. In the underground ice cavern, Ameria opened a hole through an ice wall to another half of the cavern. A ghost ship appeared in the sky with a gate to AW’s Pirate stage. Destroyed vases spewing out heavy mist, then search the ship for 3 rings. Lastly, a squid boss fight.
14th – started ep.15 and fought the three Legend tier Enemies. Was not easy.
24th – finished ep.16. I took the final boss fight calm and slow. Was surprisingly not as difficult as I had imagined.
26th – finished epilogue and thus the main story of the game.
29~31th – trying to finish end game content, all the character cutscenes, and unlock hidden characters.

About my time with friends:
On the 11th, I chat with Blitz-X online. It has been a while since we last talked, and now I actually have good news to share.
On the 1st of this month, my friend Lettuce came over to my house to play. I assisted him with his build of the RG Zaku II and continued watching Nisemonogatari, finishing Karen Bee that day. The next day, I had to head over to Tokyo and decided upon my near future objectives. I am not ready yet. After finally returning home, I played a bit of Rockman.EXE with Lettuce, finishing the traffic conflict with Coloredman.
The next time Lettuce came over was next weekend on the 8th. He built some more of his RG Zaku II and watched more of Nisemonogatari, a few episodes of Tsukihi Phoenix. Next morning, we finished Nisemonogatari before heading out to central Chiba for karaoke. I sang for two hours until my throat was at its limit. Afterwards, we look around the stores Enterking and Lashinbang. I was constantly reminded of all the anime and manga I need to check out at some point. Then, at Yodobashi and Yellow Submarine, we discussed potential plamo supplies for Lettuce’s RG Zaku II. On our way home, Lettuce dropped by Makuhari to purchase the advance ticket for No Game No Life Zero movie, which we went to together the following weekend (15th). Earlier that same day, I had a spare ticket for the Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei movie, so I gave it to Lettuce for him to watch it.
After watching No Game No Life Zero, I went over to Lettuce’s apartment. That weekend, I watched the three Kizumonogatari movies with him and also showed him the TV anime for Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I finished reading vol.2 of Accel World there too.
On the 22nd, Lettuce visited for the local festival near where I lived. It was lively with lots of people and children playing around. I recall upon my childhood, where the closest equivalent I had experienced was Mid-Autumn festival, holding a plastic lantern running with friends in the park nearby. Anyways, I bought food at a number of stalls. I had miso oden, ramune drink, tamago senbei, and toumorokoshi yaki. Afterwards, we headed to went to Lettuce’s apartment. I remembered about the Destiny 2 beta that was going on, and played the campaign demo on the PS4.
The next day, I played some SAO:HR and PSO2. Lettuce has almost finished his RG Zaku II, with just the weapons remaining. I also showed him the Re:Zero anime.

On the 28th, the path of life I was walking on here in Japan finally changed for certain, my first proper foothold. The next few months will be a big turning point of my life in Japan. I bid farewell to my language school, receiving a stack of Monogatari series novels as a congratulatory gift. The next day was the beginning of freedom, the chance to retake my time, until the end of August.

Watched a surprising amount of anime this month:

  • 鋼の錬金術師 (ep.58~64 – finished)
  • ステラのまほう (ep.11~12 – finished)
  • ノーゲーム・ノーライフ (started & finished – ep.1~12)
  • 物語シリーズ セカンドシーズン (resumed & finished – ep.18~26 + 花物語)
  • ハイスクールD×D NEW (ep.6~9)
  • フレームアームズ・ガール (started – ep.1~3)
  • 境界線上のホライゾン (started – ep.1~6)
  • 一騎当千 Xtreme Xecutor (started – ep.1)
  • しゅごキャラ!パーティー! (ep.3~8)

Focused on these manga:

  • ToLoveる ダークネス (vol.13 & 14 finished)
  • アクセル・ワールド/デュラル マギサ・ガーデン (vol.3 & 4 finished, started vol.5)
  • 食戟のソーマ (vol.12 & 13 finished)

In the process of reading these novels:

  • 偽物語[上]
  • 傷物語
  • アクセル・ワールド (vol.2 finished, vol.3 started)

Finished building these models:

  • -RG- ガンダムエクシア RⅡ
  • -HG- ガンダムアスタロト

Tried to find time for these games:

  • -PSV- RE:ゼロから始める異世界生活 -Death Or Kiss-
  • -PSV- ガンガンピクシーズ
  • -PSV- ソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・リアリゼーション-
  • -PSV- アクセル・ワールドVSソードアート・オンライン -千年の黄昏- (story finished)
  • -GBA- ロックマンエグゼ

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