-フローレス パッション-

「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

「転落」 – Life in Japan 3 – December 2016

I am in a labyrinth. And unfortunately, I don’t have the luxury of taking my time to find the way out. In every turn could be a dead end or a trap. And this month, I fell into a pitfall.

A lot went on during this month. Initially, it appeared that my situation was finally going to stabilize a little bit. I came across some cheap used bookshelves that were just perfect for manga. I immediately purchased one of them, carried it home, and arranged my room to what I currently feel to be a very comfortable layout. The desk shifted to the left side and the bookshelf took the desk’s former place, while the bed now lays horizontal to the desk and I can now be on the PC being wrapped in my futon to survive this cold winter.

Meanwhile, I have been chatting online with my little brother, playing Gundam Breaker 2 and starting a collaborative project together. Whether the project will bear any fruit is uncertain, but it is good practice and also being quality time with my brother. I have also been trying to eat better while still keeping my expenses low. I didn’t have as much free time as before and I didn’t head out anywhere to have fun. The reason being that I was out of the house often, out trying to make a living.

For a moment things were looking decent, the light at the end of the tunnel was in sight. But this route was incorrect. I didn’t get the job. I got the phone call a day before I was going to start. The ground beneath me was gone.

Above: My new shelf loaded with all of the manga I currently have with me. Only a few volumes were newly purchased within the past three months. The rest are older books I had taken with me in addition to the PSV games.

One of the things on my check list of To-Do for this month was to draw more. I’m happy to say that I was able to accomplish that, proceeding just a tiny bit on my personal project, in addition to starting the collaboration project with my brother. I still have a long way to go, but my focus is to keep on stepping forward. Something else I’m happy with was finishing the demo for いろとりどりのセカイ on the PSV. I still have lots of other PSV game demos I want to play through. Regarding PSO2, I can no longer play on the PSV, but I tested it on my Surface tablet PC, which was able to run it on the highest graphics. Our team, -Phantasy Links-, is now (from time to time) back in action! Reading manga was another thing I wanted to spend more time on, and I did read a chapter of ニセコイ and finished vol.2 of この島には淫らで邪悪なモノが棲む, but that is not much.

On the 6th, my brother was surprisingly online on Skype, as it was around 2 am over where he is. It turns out he stayed up playing Final Fantasy XV and just finished the game. From the little that I have seen of FFXV, it seems both odd and interesting. I really miss watching my brother play JRPGs. Speaking of JRPGs, a few days later, the Star Ocean mobile game, Star Ocean: Anamnesis released. However, none of my devices were compatible and thus I can’t play it. I remember playing Star Ocean 3 way back in the day. I never beat it, nor have I played Star Ocean 4 and 5. Would love to get back to Star Ocean with my brother one day.

The 15th was when I bought the manga bookshelf and arranged the room to a very satisfactory layout. I also completed the assembly of the HG Barbatos Lupus. Due to its unique body proportions, it was honestly hard to pose. I love its wicked form, but it took me some time to figure out the way it should stand. Later, I spent some time drawing at night before heading to bed.

A summary of me and my little brother’s progress on Gundam Breaker 2.

8th – Played a number of missions. Panama Base had underwater environments, which modified player movements. I dropped Gundam X’s backpack and most of Virtue’s parts. In challenge missions, one of them was fighting entire team of martial art Gundams. From that mission, I dropped Build Burning’s arms and legs in addition to God Gundam’s arms. The Options and Ex-Actions on them are quite powerful.
10th – After Panabase Base, we unlocked more missions back in the Great Canyon. We fought a tough battle with a Mobile Armor that was a giant ship on wheels. I assume it is from Victory. I hunted grunts to get most of Gerbera Tetra’s parts, missing just its backpack for a complete Gerbera Tetra since I already have its gun.
13th – No new challenge missions were unlocking so we only played story missions. We destroyed some Big Zams and in a different mission, a Mobile Armor from Crossbone. Now that boss was truly hard and we died many times. We did beat it though and the story seems to have reached a climax point, but I don’t actually understand what is going on as I didn’t follow up on reading each missions’ description. In the shop, I unlocked GN-X and Exia. On my request, we hunted for the GN Sword CAD chip, and surprisingly, I got lucky and it dropped on our second run. Going Trans-Am is fast and it lasts long, pretty fun. On the list of Weapon Builds, there are so many things we wish we had the materials to build.
19th – Continuing on to what seems to be a new part in the story, we did 2 missions in Africa Tower. I unlocked Jesta in the store, which is absolutely awesome. I wonder if its rifle is in the game.
27th – New challenge missions have unlocked, so we played Gundam Cafe missions #6, #7, #8 to gather materials for Weapon Builds. Gundam Cafe #9 was very difficult, and I don’t think we can beat it right now. I did gather enough materials to build Crossbone’s Zanbuster though. It is very cool and now I want to get all of Crossbone’s parts to complete it. I also built GN-X III’s lance but it is not that great as a rifle.
30th – Played 2 story missions, which were both 00 themed. Upon beating those, I unlocked Virtue, Kyrios, and Jesta Cannon in the shop. I want to buy Wing later and also build Kyrio’s shield, but I need to get more materials first.

On the 21st, I met up with Xyrenth at the Gundam Cafe in Akihabara for our last time to eat the food on the Tekkadan 2nd-half menu. I ordered ウノ家の食卓 and アトラ特製整備班用夜食スープ with the 三日月の好きなもの drink. The paper coaster I received was McGillis, which I know Xyrenth have been wanting, so I gave it to her in place of a Christmas gift and she handed me the Orga coaster in return. It was a good meal, eating food from the anime, with Gundam OPs playing, while having a chat with Xyrenth as we haven’t kept in contact much this month. On morning of the 22nd, I chat with my friend Lettuce about my current situation and asked him about what he has been up to. He is preparing for his own plans for Japan. For me to not let him down and to also join our paths of life together, I must keep pushing on.

Speaking of December, it is Christmas season. Happy Holidays to all. Unfortunately for me, this year was another lonely Christmas that went by with little celebration. On Christmas Eve, I purchased the newly released Hoshino Fumina Figurise Bust and a HG Shiden for myself, along with some cake. At home, I kept Christmas BGM on. I received one Christmas present, from my little brother, the PSV game Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization. Awesome! On the 25th, I opened up the cake, started building the Shiden, and played 2 hours of SAO:HR. Not a completely desolate Christmas, thanks to my brother, new toys, and the delicious cake.

On the 28th, I resumed my progress on modifying the HG of the first Gundam Barbatos. It has been months since I last worked on it. I have been meaning to do so since I came to Japan, but I needed tools, supplies, and a proper work space. I finished the last couple details on the side of the face, and with the head now 100% done, I can now move onto modifying the torso section.

So, what now? Falling into the pitfall was at the end of the month, and the timing was bad. Most companies are closed for the year end/new year period. In addition, my situation is complicated and I do not have all the freedom of choice. I thought I could work with it, but things have turned for the worse.

Only watched a bit of anime:

  • 鉄血のオルフェンズ2nd (ep.8-13)
  • ステラのまほう (ep.4)

Read just a bit of manga:

  • この島には淫らで邪悪なモノが棲む (started and finished vol.2)
  • ニセコイ (vol.1)

Worked on these models:

  • [HG] バルバトス・ルプス (straight build finished)
  • [HG] 獅電 (started)
  • [HG] バルバトス (modifications)

The PS Vita games I played:

  • -PSV- ソードアート・オンライン -ホロウ・リアリゼーション- (started)
  • -PSV- ガンダムブレイカー2

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