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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 57 – September 2016

After months of uncertainty, I finally know the direction my future will go. At the end of this month, I am going to Japan. This time, it will not be a temporary 3-month short stay. This time, I am going to be there for real. This is the moment I have always been waiting for. My application process started in April of this year, but my desire to live in Japan started years and years ago in high school. However, as my remaining time in the US dwindles, the emotions I felt was not happiness nor excitement. Instead, all of my attention was focused here, on all the things I want to finish before I depart for Japan.

On the 2nd, I started building HMM Liger Zero’s Jager armor. My intention was to finish it in a couple weeks, and then maybe have enough time to build the Schneider armor as well. While it didn’t seem like a set of armor would take much time initially, the parting line and surface clean up (especially on the shoulders) took too long. In the end, I had to rush, staying up late at night to complete the remaining parts.

One thing I don’t plan to bring with me for sure are my fully finished models, such as my MG Exia, for which I have 2 sets of Avalanche Exia resin conversion kits. I will not work on them for years to come, so just once before I leave them behind, I want to assemble one to look at it. So on the 4th, I spent the day putting together the version from Model Legend. The Dash unit is massive and quite impressive.

For Phantasy Star Nova, my brother and I appears to be near the end of the game. And yet, there are so much stuff in the shops we don’t have the materials to buy. Most of the costumes are not particularly enchanting, not to mention the customization is seriously lacking compared to the current PSO2 system. Before continuing on the story missions, we did all of the extra missions first. Then on the 5th, we proceeded to the final area of the game. It had some new enemies and one of the Gigantes fights was challenging but fun. We finished the story on the 8th. Even though we took our time with the game, the story felt rather short and missed the opportunity to have a really great story. PSO2 also have yet to have any tie-ins with PS Nova. Throughout the rest of the month, we occasionally played some newly unlocked difficult missions, although they don’t add much new to the game.

From the 9th to the 11th, my friend Lettuce visited and slept over at my place. Just a few days ago, I was talking to him all about Gundam history and all the different series. Anyways, on the first day, I showed him a bunch of my stuff that I didn’t talk about in detail or forgot to show him the last time he was here. I also took him to the park nearby, taking a stroll and enjoying the scenery. One of our plans for this stayover was to watch all of Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans. Before we started that though, I wanted to introduce him to Gundam 00, so we watched one episode of that first. For Tekketsu, we finished the Brewers arc and then slept, continuing the next day. We took breaks every 3 or 4 episodes, finishing the last episode by midnight of the second day. During the second night, we chat as we tried to sleep, ended up talking for 2 hours straight before we decided to stop talking and fall asleep. The third day was the last day and he will be going home in the afternoon. As our last activity, Rafflima invited us over to his family’s new house, which I have yet to see myself. During that moment, I also gave the both of them some of my modeling supplies I no longer need. That’s about it for Lettuce’s stayover at my place. I had fun chatting with him and showing him stuff.

On the 12th, I started to pack up the stuff on my desk. All of the figures were put back into storage. In the end, I couldn’t really open and display a lot of figures. My models were moved to another table, as I need to take some last photos of them before I store them in boxes. At night, I played PSO2 with GameMaster & Xyrenth. It has been rare for us to all get together and play recently. The next day, I headed over to San Francisco to finish some official business. You can read about that day in detail over in this page.

On the 14th, I spent the day rearranging the layout of my room. Very soon, this room will not be mine anymore. Although the situation is similar to when I left for university, this time I will not be returning every one or two months. I want this to be my brother’s room from now on, so I needed to rearrange it to fit my brother’s needs while providing safe storage for the stuff I can’t bring.

Moving things around my room was chaotic but I was able to manage and finished the room arrangement within the day. After every major piece of furniture are in their place, I slowly organized and cleaned up all the things scattered around the room so that I could take photos. When the time comes, I will upload and talk about this new room layout.

On the 15th, I had to go shopping for a set of formal attire, which I will need for job interviews and maybe even for work in Japan. I don’t like those types of clothing, but that is something I will have to endure.

The second half of the month was hectic. In the last remaining week or so, I tried to finish as much blog posts as I could, getting a decent few done. Then, I had to move everything from my desktop PC and switch over to using my Surface tablet PC as my main. I also had to take some last photoshoots, but I had to wait for a day with good lighting to do so. On the 20th, after I rushed to finish the Jager armor, I immediately started on the Schneider armor and did not go to sleep until I finished it. This time, I ignored the nub marks and parting lines in order to assemble the armor set as soon as possible. Still, it took me 3 hours while chatting with Xyrenth. My brother and I had plans for September, which were to get a box of Vanguard cards and to play Gundam Breaker 2 on the PSV together. Oddly enough, in all my years of buying from Japan and never having a lost package, both of those things never arrived.

Throughout the month, I watched Accel World with my brother, but sadly we only got to episode 20 before I had to leave. We also wanted to finish the first season of Fairy Tail, but didn’t have enough time and stopped after the 星空の鍵 arc. Another thing I wanted to finish but couldn’t was reading all of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai. While I technically had the time, it wouldn’t be enjoyable to rush it for the sake of finishing it as soon as possible. I was able to finish vol. 24, and had to bring the last two volumes with me. The last few days were so hectic, I forgot to even contact some friends one last time.

The 25th was my last day here. It was a day filled with all kinds of feelings. Despair, rage, worry, gratefulness, uncertainty, joy, sadness, courage, tiredness, and the list can go on. It is simply too much to talk about here, so I will talk about it in details another time. For now, I will just say that I owe a lot to my brother. Today, we watched the Fairy Tail movie together. It was both of our first time watching it. We really enjoyed it and thought that it was a good movie. Personally, it was quite touching to me, as was the 星空の鍵 arc we just finished.

My journey to Japan will be talked about in its own page with the bunch of photos I took along the way. Upon arriving in Japan, Xyrenth met up with me at Narita Airport and helped me with my luggage. She guided me to her apartment in Tokyo where I stayed for a few days. Above, you can see the mess I made in Xyrenth’s living room during my stay. I helped Xyrenth with painting her new RG Sinanju, getting most of the grey parts painted into gunmetal. The red and gold parts will be untouched but the rest will be painted into other metallic colors. On the 29th, I headed off for my study program in Chiba.

The last anime I watched prior to Japan are:

  • One Piece (ep.740-745. Luffy VS Doflamingo conflict resolved. Resting and escape.)
  • Fairy Tail (ep.124-150. Started and finished 星空の鍵 arc)
  • KissXSis OADs (finished)

The manga I read before Japan:

  • Shokugeki no Souma (vol.9 – Aki no Senbatsu day 2)
  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (started and finished vol.22, 23, 24)
  • Date A Party (finished)
  • Yuushibu (finished)
  • Boku to Kanojo no Koi-Log (finished)
  • Toaru Nichijou no Index-san (finished vol.1)

The game I finished is:

  • -PSV- Phantasy Star Nova (finished)

Built these barely in time:

  • [HMM] Liger Zero Jager (finished straight build)
  • [HMM] Liger Zero Schneider (finished straight build – no clean up)

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