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Life This Month 56 – August 2016

August wasn’t a very good month. For whatever reason, everything for the blog just couldn’t go smoothly and the whole month wasn’t very productive in that regard. I was unable to take any decent photos for any of my finished models. MG Exia, HG Barabtos, Valvrave, HMM Blade Liger. I just couldn’t put together a proper post for any of them. Giving up temporarily, I decided to focus on getting hobby stuff done, but still fell a little short of my intended goals for that.

On the 2nd, I started to build my HMM Liger Zero. I bought the Liger Zero along with the Blade Liger during my first time in Japan in 2012. I only finished the Blade Liger earlier this year. While I won’t be able to paint the Liger Zero any time soon, it is finally time to get the Liger Zero assembled. I had hoped that I could also get the Jager armor completed, but the base body itself took the entire month to finish.

Where me and my brother left off in Tales of Xillia last month, we had thought that we were right at the end of the game about to fight the last boss. It turns out we were not quite there yet. Anyways, we entered the big room and fought the boss of アルクノア. Still, the spear could not be stopped and […]! Since we chose Milla at the start of the game, here we played a strange Milla with the 4 spirits and wandered around ア・ジュール. We find out the truth behind Milla and fought our way to the summit where we suddenly teleport, reappearing next to Jude’s group in the middle of combat in a different realm. More conflict ensued and Gaias showed up as well, opening a portal to エレンピオス. Initially, both of us were shocked that there is another whole area to explore, but it wasn’t as big as we thought. It was really confusing what was happening at that point, and it appears we have to play Jude’s route to find out. In エレンピオス, we explored the town of トリグラフ and later went through a field towards the ヘリオボーグ research facility. We rescued someone at the facility and Jude decided on what he has to do, believing in the potential of Orijin. Past the facility and the field behind it was our warp point. All that was left of the game was the last dungeon with the last boss. Before finishing the game, we spent a few days doing some sub-quests, explored a bonus cave dungeon, and fought a couple weapon beasts. On the 28th, we finished game.

In June, I finished vol.19 of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, finishing the Megami arc. Before reading further in the manga, I want to watch the 3rd season of the anime which is on the Megami arc. Began on the 3rd and finished on the 20th, I can now resume on the manga. Within 2 days, I finished vol.20… wow, I thought the story was intense before and now it is just hard to put down the book. I proceeded to read vol.21 and finished that volume on the 29th.

On the 6th, me and my brother continued on the story of Phantasy Star Nova. The Gran Drive was functional and we tried to escape the planet, only to be shot back down and ended up right where we started. We are not leaving this planet so easily. The game enters Grand Act II, and we can now freely change the camp site to our liking. We completed some extra missions and I got enough materials for a new Pile. The one I got looks pretty awesome, themed after Coral Dragon. On the 14th, we did a few more extra missions, and then proceeded in the story by investigating a bottomless pit. We arrived in a whole new area and the moment of that reveal felt great. On the 26th, we continued to do missions to the new areas, leveled up quite a bit and unlocked VH difficulty.

After finishing the PSP game for Railgun last month, the next PSP game I want to finish is Tantei Opera Milky Holmes. My last save data was on Dec. 24th, 2011. I had only played up to the second chapter back then. I started from the very beginning on the 8th, quickly caught up to where I left off and shortly finished Twenty’s chapter. Rat’s chapter was done on the 14th, Stone River’s on the 17th, and Arsène’s on the 23rd. I completed the final chapter of the game on the 28th.

On the 10th, I started up Futsuu no Fantasy again. It has been months since I last played and I feel like I am not too far from the end, so I wanted to finish it. I left off at クリス’s H scene. To be honest, the ero for this game is lacking and I bought the game for the comedy, so I just fast-forwarded the H scene. Next was ヒスイ and once again, I fast-forwarded the H scene. With the group powered up, they headed off to 魔王’s castle where they fought the 3 魔将 again, then the fire one, and also アスモドゥス. Finally, the protagonist revealed himself as the 魔王 and fought against the heroines. During this part, the protagonist had voiced dialog and that was great. Just as the prophecy said, the 魔王 was defeated and the game ends… I finished the game on 20th! Or so the game pretends as Futsuu no Fantasy 2 is displayed and the story of the game enters the second half. The protagonist goes back to being non-voiced… plus after falling from the climax of the plot, I am not motivated to play the remaining part of the game, of which I did try out for 20 minutes, but nothing interesting developed.

I have been occasionally messaging Xyrenth who is now over in Japan about to start work as an English teacher. On the 12th, she finally moved into her brand new apartment and had the time to contact me. The apartment was absolutely empty, but the place itself is quite nice, as expected of Japan. I helped her look online for furniture, with futon being the most important. Sadly, she isn’t quite ready to spend a lot of money yet so she bought only a foam mattress for the time being. I have been following her blog, so I asked her about the details of her experiences in Japan so far. I also told her to go check out the 2016 Summer Gunpla Expo in Ikebukuro. I chat with Xyrenth some more later in the month. Japan is still in the rainy season. She got a pseudo-desk. We talked about plastic models. We played a bit of PSO2, which had a new update and GameMaster was also on to play with us. Together, we checked out the new Las Vegas field, which was all sorts of weird.

On the 15th, another friend of mine, Rafflima, contacted me about their family succeeding in finding a new place to move to. They have been trying to find a new place for a while, so I am glad it worked out. Most surprisingly, he told me that it was only several blocks away from their old place.

This month, I started a few of the manga series that has been sitting on my shelves. They are Yuushibu and Boku to Kanojo no Koi-Log, which I finished the first and second volume of by this month. I also read a bit of Date A Party (spin-off manga of Date A Live). Another thing this month was I finally resumed on the KissXSis OADs. They were coming out very slowly (with the limited edition of the manga) and I lost track at some point. Now they are all released, I restarted from the beginning, caught up to ep.6 where I left off of, and watched up to ep.9. I meant to finish the series this month, but didn’t quite get around to it.

I happened to notice that the Titanfall 2 multiplayer tech test was open on the Xbox One. Since Titanfall 2 will have a single player campaign, I am interested in the game. The download took hours. It finished on the 21st and I went through the tutorial which had a speed run section. Going through that trial trying to get the fastest time while killing all enemies was really challenging but really fun. My first run was around a minute, while my personal best record is 41 seconds. The multiplayer test itself was actually only open on the weekends. So next weekend on the 26th, I hopped on and try out the multiplayer. I really sucked at it. I don’t like competitive multiplayer, but the tutorial didn’t have the Titans (the mechs) to play with. The infantry and Titan gameplay was really cool, so I look forward to playing the full game some day.

I watched all of the following anime:

  • One Piece (ep.712-739. Commanders being defeated. Zoro VS Pica. Luffy & Law VS Doflamingo.)
  • Fairy Tail (ep.96-123. 天狼島 arc started and finished.)
  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami Arc (started & finished)
  • Cardfight! Vanguard: Asia Circuit (finished)
  • KissXSis OADs (ep.6-9)
  • Full Metal Panic (finished)

Read these manga:

  • Shokugeki no Souma (vol.8 finished, vol.9 started. Aki no Senbatsu preliminary rounds are over, proceeded to the finalist matches.)
  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (started and finished vol.20 & 21. Time, Dokurou, and Urara.)
  • Date A Party (started)
  • Yuushibu (started and finished vol.1 & 2)
  • Boku to Kanojo no Koi-Log (started and finished vol.1 & 2)

Played a couple games:

  • -PSV- Phantasy Star Nova
  • -PSP- Tantei Opera Milky Holmes (started and finished)

Built this model:

  • [HMM] Liger Zero (straight build finished)

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