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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 53 –May 2016

This month was a long month for me. I did a lot in May, and it started with good news. I have been job hunting since the year started, and finally the future seems promising. More on this at the end of the post.

May 6th was a rainy day, and it felt good. The temperature and lighting was very comfortable, making it the perfect day to play inside. So I hopped onto my bed and played SAO:Lost Song. It has been at least a few months since I last played the game, where I had unlocked the final region. Today, I defeated a boss, unlocking what seems to be the final dungeon of the game. I stopped there and switched over to reading Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, starting vol.18. I also posed the Gundams on my desk a bit, and worked on the HG Barbatos.

On Saturday the 7th, Rafflima and I sneaked GameMaster out of his parent’s place and drove over to check out a hobby store a few cities away. GameMaster had brought his in-progress HG Crossbone Gundam Full Cloth so I took a look at it while in the car. His skill set originates from painting miniature figurines, and as a result, his style was quite unique for gunpla. While his 1st painted Gundam looked messy, this 2nd painted Gundam build of his is looking good.

Anyways, we arrived at the hobby store, which was relatively big. The only sections we were interested in though, were the shelves of gunpla and paint. While the gunpla selection was small, the prices were very fair for the majority of them. Most interesting though, was the display case of completed builds, which had anything from straight builds to fully painted ones. Most eye-catching for me was the MG Kampfer with LEDs. The HG Exia and HG Fenice with LEDs were also impressive. We left after some time, dropping by a nearby card/table games shop that GameMaster wanted to see before heading back to our town.

For a friend’s birthday on the 9th, I got a ride with GameMaster up to Davis on the 8th. During the ride, GameMaster and I chatted about Tekketsu no Orphans. It was an awesome discussion because we both really liked the series. We arrived in Davis around noon. The plan for today is to marathon all 25 episodes of Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans with Xyrenth and Corvus until late into the night… But, things didn’t go according to plan. And soon, I will regret having invited Corvus. First, Corvus was going to be late. I used the extra time to play with GameMaster’s HG Tekketsu Gundams. Plus, I also got to hug the cat there. When Corvus arrived, we went over to Xyrenth next door to set up. There, Corvus suddenly mentioned that he doesn’t want to stay up late into the night and argued for a change of plans. We ended up having to skip the OPs and EDs (blasphemy) and stopped after ep.19 to continue the rest on another day. What was supposed to be a really fun night turned out to be mediocre. The original purpose wasn’t to just watch the show. GameMaster and I had already seen it, and the others could simply watch it by themselves. This was intended to be a social experience with short discussions after each episode and being excited at cool scenes together. My opinion of this day would not be so bad if the list of negatives ended here, but it didn’t. To be continued on Tuesday.

Next morning was Xyrenth’s birthday. I went over next door to wake up GameMaster and then the both of us proceeded to hand Xyrenth her birthday gifts, which were both gunpla, a HG Grimgerde and a HG Banshee Norn Destroy Mode. Our gift choices were perfect as we had planned it out ahead of time. However, it was frustrating that the whole event was interfered by some friends. Anyways, Blitz-X came to pick me up since I will be staying over at his place for the week. I don’t even want to mention the state of his “hobby” right now. I relaxed until 6 pm when Xyrenth will be having a birthday dinner over at a sushi restaurant. Xyrenth invited a bunch of people, and as I anticipated, it was loud and obnoxious. After the dinner, we dropped by Xyrenth’s apartment for an awful birthday cake. Seriously, it was god awful. I ate just a small slice. We hanged out for a bit before getting a ride home. GameMaster and Corvus played fencing in the living room, while Xyrenth started on building her new HG Grimgerde, completing the torso and head.

The next day (Tuesday), GameMaster, Corvus, and I gathered again at Xyrenth’s apartment to finish our marathon of Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans. We only had 6 episodes left. 10 minutes in the third episode, Corvus suddenly said “I have to go”. Apparently, an issue with his roommates came up. Corvus told us to continue without him and promptly left. GameMaster also left, wanting to help Corvus resolve whatever happened. *sigh* I was baffled. Again, the plan for the day derailed. And again, we rescheduled. Not sure what else to do, I suggested to Xyrenth on building her gunpla and later walk over to downtown for food. Sadly, we spent too long on the gunpla and I underestimated the walking distance to downtown. And apparently Xyrenth remembers next to nothing about the episodes we watched two days ago. When we got to downtown, I found GameMaster and even Corvus playing games over at the new card shop. Glad that they resolved whatever the issue was, but it personally irked me that the people who ruined the day were having fun amongst themselves. By the time we finished eating, the buses already stopped running so it was more walk and hassle getting home.

For Wednesday, I didn’t do a whole lot. I spent the day working on the models I brought with me and playing PSO2. There was a new update on the game. I quickly purchased some new accessories and costume. Xyrenth and GameMaster was on later after they updated the game. Xyrenth said she rewatched some episodes of Tekketsu no Orphans, so hopefully she actually remembers something now!

Thursday. All of us gathered once again at Xyrenth’s apartment to finish watching Gundam. We promptly started the episode we were in the middle of last time. This time, we were able to watch all the way to the last episode and finished. Yay, we finally finished. I wish that I could say today was enjoyable, but throughout the entire time watching, Corvus was on his phone. If skipping OPs and EDs is blasphemy then playing on your phone is taboo. I thought at first maybe he was checking important messages but he never put the phone away. For all the trouble and annoyances, it could have been worth it if Corvus was really impressed and really really enjoyed the series. Although he said “It was good”, that was immediately followed by “But I wish that [insert nonsense]”. To me, he didn’t seem particularly impressed. Anyways, Corvus and GameMaster had class to get to, so they took off. I stayed behind to teach Xyrenth how to get rid of parting lines on her HG Grimgerde, which she had finished the whole body of already. Now that we have finished watching Tekketsu, I had brought over GameMaster’s set of Gundams from Tekketsu and showed Xyrenth how the HGs are like. This time, I kept track of time and we both took a bus to campus just in time for GameMaster getting out of class. We met up for dinner at a pizza restaurant. Afterwards, we went to the new card shop that I briefly stepped into the other day. GameMaster played some miniature game while I continued touching up Xyrenth’s model. When the shop closed for the night, all of us walked over to another restaurant where we waited for a ride from Blitz-X.

The next day, I relaxed alone and spent time working on my own models. I had brought with me my HG Barbatos and HMM Blade Liger. I have finally finished painting the last few number of parts needed for the Blade Liger. I also made a few shortcuts using the Tamiya Weathering Master (Set F) that I recently bought. As for the HG Barbatos, I was making a number of modifications on the head.

I asked GameMaster and Xyrenth to hang out with me at Blitz-X’s house on Saturday. I first met with them over at a nearby shopping market for lunch, then we went back to the house. I showed them my mostly completed HMM Blade Liger. It is not perfect by any means, but I am still proud of it. Xyrenth’s HG Grimgerde was more or less completed, including the weapons. However, since it was her birthday gift from the newest Gundam series that we just watched and all, I wanted to help her raise the build quality. There was a few areas I wanted to paint and use the Weather Master on. While I worked on that, GameMaster forgot to bring some stuff and had to go bsck to his apartment for them. Xyrenth came to Blitz-X’s house before, but never seen his room, so I made her go up there to take a look. GameMaster later returned. We had also planned to play PSO2 together today. It was going to be me and Xyrenth’s first time doing the new Battleship Yamato EQ. Our dinner plan was pizza so Blitz-X and GameMaster went to go get it, barely returning just as the EQ started. It was pretty fun and I died a number of times. By then, it was night and I haven’t finished Xyrenth’s Grimgerde. We planned to hang out again tomorrow, so she left the model here for me to work on.

Originally, I had planned to leave Davis on Sunday, but Rafflima who was supposed to pick me up couldn’t get the car. It ended up working out for me as I now had the time to finish Xyrenth’s HG Grimgerde. She had requested me to scratch build the visor that the HG omitted on, and to my own surprise, I was actually able to make it. After I finished everything on the model including the top coat, I hurried over to GameMaster’s apartment to play the Rainy EQ on PSO2 together. Afterwards, all of us went onto campus to drop by the plamo club. It was really nice to see some of the members again. Their new photographer had been MIA, so I took some photos for them. After chatting for a bit, we say goodbye and headed off to the new card shop where we hanged out for a while, playing with my Barbatos and Xyrenth’s Grimgerde. For dinner, we ate nearby then got a ride back to each of our own places from GameMaster’s friend. That night, we actually stayed out for a long time playing PSO2. A new system called Collect Files was recently introduced, and on one of them, I needed to hunt down certain bosses to complete it. GameMaster helped me for a few hours and then went to sleep. Xyrenth and I continued when a random Rainy EQ happened to pop up. During one of the runs, 3 Tagamikazuchi appeared one after another in succession. On top of that, I had full rare drop boost on and the super lucky +300% rare drop boost from Joker just a moment ago. All of that result in 3 13☆ weapons in that instant, completing the entire Tagamikazuchi set of 13☆ weapons. Simply amazing. Xyrenth also had gotten some 13☆ weapons from that run, Tagamikazuchi’s Jetboots and Knuckles.

On Monday, everyone seemed busy so I spent the day alone making slow progress on Barbatos. I also worked on the blog a bit. The next day, I went to downtown to hang out with Xyrenth and GameMaster again. I hanged out at a cafe sharpening Grimgerde’s swords because it bothered me how dull they were. Once I was satisfied with the sharpness, we went to a restaurant for an early dinner. Xyrenth was playing a puzzle game on her phone. I gave it a try but I couldn’t solve it. These games make me feel dumb…or maybe I am. After eating, we went with GameMaster to the new card shop. While he sets up for his miniature game, I played some rounds of Vanguard with Xyrenth using her decks. Of course I lost because I had no idea what I was doing. But! That last game of ginormous attack power 3 consecutive times was brutal nonetheless. I spent the remainder of the time touching up Barbatos’s antenna, which is fairly close to being done now. We stayed in the shop until it was time to take the last bus back.

Wednesday was the last day I could hang out with everyone as I will be leaving Davis on Thursday. I spent the morning and early afternoon painting Barbatos’s head. I really took up too much time than I should have. The plan for today was to play a game called 真夜中の人形使い over at Xyrenth’s apartment with her and GameMaster. Over a year ago, I saw the game in full, and I remember really liking the story. Since then, I have wanted to play this game with someone. So Xyrenth had the controls and I had them both read out the dialog. Although GameMaster did went along with us reading some lines, he wasn’t all too interested and left at 7 pm. He later told me that he would have liked it if he could understand the story by himself. Xyrenth and I continued playing until 8:30 pm, and then went downtown to see GameMaster before quickly ordering food and continued a bit more of the game on a laptop while waiting and eating at the bus station.

The next morning, Rafflima drove up to Davis to pick me up. While I packed up, Rafflima looked around Blitz-X’s house, checking out the Gundam models out on display. When I finished packing up, the two of them were upstairs in the bedroom chatting and messing around with a MG Zeta 2.0. It turns out Blitz-X wanted to be Santa Claus again and gave Rafflima a number of models: MG Zeta 2.0, MG Strike Rouge ver.RM, fake MG IWSP backpack, MG Gundam Mk.II 2.0, along with their respective catapult bases. Anyways, after leaving Blitz-X’s house, I dropped by GameMaster’s apartment to return his HG Crossbone and paints. Before leaving Davis, Rafflima and I had lunch downtown at a pizza restaurant. We reached our town around 4:30 pm. It is great to be able to sleep in my own bed again.

The next day, I stayed at home enjoying my own room and had a long session of playing PSO2. The Battleship Yamato EQ occurred a couple times and I finished the Collect Files for the battleship and quartz knuckles. In addition, the AIS rifle dropped by chance. Combined with the AIS sword, the entire set of Tagamikazuchi weapons, and another S.CN Stag, my 13☆ collection just magnified.

On Saturday the 21st, I made a little bit of progress on my HG Star Build Strike. I am building the model concurrently with my brother, but since he is often reluctant to build, he is slowing down my own progress. I also organized my shelves of manga. Most of them were purchased during my 2nd trip to Japan in 2014. It has been almost two years and I haven’t even touched most of it. While I don’t want to make my hobby a chore, I need to get some books finished and put away. There was also a new update on Halo 5, Memories of Reach. I really like the new carnage report. The increased value within each REQ pack is also much appreciated.

On Sunday, I continued working on my HG Barbatos. Sadly, I can’t proceed any further on my modifications for the head until I can get some Mr.Surfacer. So instead I straight built the 1st form’s arm. Being busy with other things for the past couple months, I haven’t drawn in a while so I spent a bit of time on that. Still stuck on the main designs as before. On PSO2, the Battleship Yamato EQ continued to add to my 13☆ collection. This time, the Saiga Blade and another quartz knuckle. I also played some Halo 5 alone, played Free-For-All and I got my butt kicked.

On the 28th, I went over to Rafflima’s place to chat and see what he has been up to. He hasn’t been able to work on his MG 00 7 Swords, but he did practice painting with a SD Guncannon. I looked at the models he got from Blitz-X and posed the MG Strike Rouge ver.RM. I also messed with the MG Zeta 2.0 and found that some parts were stuck. It took quite a while to fix it. I would have liked to continue watching Unicorn with Rafflima, but it was a little late in the day already, so maybe next time.

On the last day of the month, I chat online with Lettuce. It has been a while since I last talked to him. I told him about my current progress to Japan, which is the good news I mentioned all the way at the top of this post. I will elaborate more in just a bit. So I asked Lettuce about his goals in life and he also wants to make his way to Japan. I didn’t know that before. A good amount of my friends are interested in Japan, but not all of them wants to live there. It was great news for me, as I now have another potential companion walking the same path of life as I am. If what I am doing works out for me then I would also recommend him to try the same. Lettuce has been studying to take on the N2 level JLPT in December. He asked about how I studied Japanese, which I can’t easily answer in one sentence. I explained from beginning to end, my entire history of how I started learning Japanese until today. During the whole time, we were logged in on PSO2, but we just stood there talking. After all the chatter, we actually played a bit and Lettuce tested the Gunner and Summoner classes.

Now, regarding my good news on my progress to Japan. I was accepted into the CSSPJ (Corporate Sponsored Study Program in Japan), which will provide me the opportunity to be in Japan on a student visa studying Japanese at a language school while guaranteeing part-time work. I am still in the middle of the visa application process, so nothing is finalized at the moment. If everything works out according to plan, I will be in Japan in October of this year. Can I finally start the life that I desire?

Anime I watched this month:

  • One Piece (ep.665-669)
  • Fairy Tail (ep.44-49. Finished Battle of Fairy Tail arc.)
  • Cardfight! Vanguard: Asia Circuit (ep.3-14)
  • Hacka Doll (finished)
  • PSO2 The Animation (finished. Relatively entertaining and amusing.)
  • The idolM@ster (finished)

Manga I read this month:

  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (finished Vol.18)
  • Working! (finished Vol.9)
  • Net-yome VS Shichi-nin no Kuno’ichi-gundan (finished)
  • Seven Sisters (finished)

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