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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 46 – September 2015

Reflecting back on this month, September kind of went away and I wish that I could have done more. August was my first month of moving back in, and the time was used settling down. But my room wasn’t fully organized and my blog not caught up, so those things extended into the rest of September. Annoyingly, the weather is still warm and that means a hot room, which means that I have no motivation to work on stuff during the day. Then combine that with having friends that can play PSO2 with me, each day went by quick.

Speaking of PSO2, it wrecked my laptop. What happened was that I finally decided to create my support partner. I have tried to make one a few times now, but could never decide on the appearance. Nothing looked good, mostly due to the PS Vita’s unimpressive graphics. So I logged onto my laptop for the enhanced graphics. By the way, my laptop can’t actually handle graphics, but I set all of the settings to the highest anyways. The game was terribly laggy, but I was able to make my support partner! By then, the laptop was burning hot, so I shut it down, only to realize that it will never boot up again as the internal display chips were fried.

At the end of last month, I mentioned how I was feeling down about PSO2. Perhaps the game sympathized with me, because I now have three ☆13 weapons. Certainly luck played a part, but my luck alone would never have been enough. The first week of September had a +150% Rare Drop and EXP boost due to a Twitter campaign. Then I stacked my rare drop bonuses as high as I could with +250% Rare, +100% Tri-Boost, and Premium drinks, focusing on missions with possible ☆13 drops. The result was the グリダフヘクス Knuckles and the アーレスエッジ Double-Saber. After the rare drop bonus week, I did Challenge missions, finally reaching 240k CM for the set of ☆11 units and a ☆13 weapon from the Ideal series. I decided on Twin Daggers, and upgraded it to +10, then unlocked the potential, but only reach +3 before running out of upgrade materials. Also, my skills with Jet Boots have improved quite a bit, so I withdrew MyShop earnings to buy the ☆12 ズィレンハイト, which is the best possible Jet Boots I can use as a Fighter. I am happy (even though some elements don’t match), but this is just the beginning of being able to catch up. Funny that ☆13 dropped for me before ☆12.

PS: PSO2 had a week of increased bonus chances in the casino area. With casino coins, you can get resources needed for ☆13 weapons. And the result? The casino is too damn realistic. It took me hours to earn an appreciable amount, while my friend went bankrupted.

On the night of Tuesday the 8th, I talked to Blitz-X who was in Japan at the time. Now before anyone says he’s lucky he got to go, he was only there for 2 days during a typhoon together with his mom who followed him everywhere and stopped him from going elsewhere, and he only got to chose where to go for the first day. He stayed at Hotel Nikko Tokyo, which is in Odaiba and just a walk away from the 1/1 Gundam statue. The 2 photos above are his, taken from the hotel room. When I was talking to him, it was around 6 PM over there. He spent the morning walking around Odaiba, visiting the 1/1 Gundam and Gundam Front Tokyo. Afterwards, he went to Akihabara to buy stuff that friends requested, but only briefly visited a couple stores because his mom was sick of the rain. That was how his day of Japan ended. He missed out on so many things. I can’t help but feel disappointed and frustrated for him, although he seemed relatively content and didn’t plan to do anything else for the rest of the night. In contrast to me, he chose not to buy much except for modeling supplies. He didn’t come across anything I wanted either. He actually bought a HMM for me, except he didn’t know if I wanted it, and it turned out to be a weapon set for a Zoid I don’t have and don’t want… thanks anyway.

Occasionally throughout the month, I resumed on building some gunpla. Some of those times, I was build together with my little brother, who still had his MG Destiny’s weapons and backpack with wings to finish, while I worked on RG 00’s GN Sword IIs and all the hand parts. I actually found that I really like the GN Sword II’s rifle mode! The sword mode is still meh. The articulated hands are useless, as those are incapable of holding anything and I can’t split the 3 fingers apart. The solid hands hold weapons perfectly, but look way too big. Then the closed fist parts are just awkward with the way the fingers are curled. Thankfully nothing is wrong with the open hands. Still have no plans to put on the face mask yet, as the slits are just so wrong.

By the way, the plamo club has resumed on the 27th. Even though I am no longer a proper member, I still participated by Skyping in and started my HG Full Armor Unicorn Gundam. It was hard to be in the conversations going on, so I listened to (or muted) what I can while building Unicorn’s upper torso and head. I am happy to see the club get some new members! Look at photos of the models on display here, taken by their new photographer.

I have been watching Kurod play Bloodborne and he finished it around the middle of this month. Some funny moments were when he dived off a bridge, walked off a cliff, fell off of an elevator, being killed by traps, carelessly being crushed by boulders, imitating a moaning guy, Cainhurst, assassinated a pig by sticking his arm into its butt, and when he kept failing against the final boss. After Bloodborne, he started playing The Last of Us. Long story short, I became a NicoNico Premium member on the 25th in order to not miss out on any part of the game. What a journey and great story!

The weather on the last day of September was absolutely fantastic. It was a rainy day! And that meant a cool, comfortable room. I didn’t want to spend such a nice day on my computer struggling to type up posts. Instead, I laid in bed getting backing into SAO:HF and read manga. Earlier in the month, I got to freeing Philia at long last, and could proceed to the boss room. Now to challenge the region boss! Embarrassingly, I got killed being careless a couple times. I need to pay more attention to myself and my partner’s health… I switched to reading manga since it has been months since I last did. I picked up ゾンビッチはビッチに含まれますか?Vol. 4 that I was in the middle of and read a chapter.

This month I watched:

  • One Piece (ep.605-614. Continue storming the facility, VS CC, VS モネ,
    finding モモの助, preventing kids from reaching candy.)
  • Gundam: G no Reconquista (ep.9-17)
  • Steins;Gate: Fuka Ryouiki no Déjà vu (watched on 23rd)
  • Yugioh 5D’s (ep.41 & 42)

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