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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 45 – August 2015

August was my first full month living back at my parent’s place. So now, my home has returned to being here once again. Moving all of my stuff back was hectic, then sorting out everything and also deciding where I want to put my new items and furniture took a long time. Even at the end of the month, it is still a work in progress.

This was the condition of my room after moving all of my stuff in. I had wisely finished renovating my room and built my new bed ahead of time. Otherwise, there wouldn’t have been any room to do so.

After getting all of the major pieces of furniture in place, the next thing was to organize this desk of figure boxes and manga. A lot of my other misc. stuff will continue to find their place throughout the rest of the month.

On PSO2, Xyrenth can finally join me and GameMaster on a frequent basis now that her summer break has started. On Friday night, a friend of mine (whose house I visited to play D&D last month) tried out the game. His dad was also interested in playing, and we chat until deep into the night when I fell asleep. It is really nice to have friends to play PSO2 with, as I have been mostly solo ever since the beta. They are still low in level, so I can’t wait until they can start doing challenging missions with me.

An event of particular interest was one certain day’s log-in bonus, which was a 10☆ weapon pass. In addition, if you buy a 10☆ weapon, you will get a 11☆ weapon pass later. So there were some talk about which weapons should people buy. Also, for the first time ever, I purchased Premium membership, which made many parts of the game very convenient. Another thing of interest was how much I fail with Limit Break. I will just copy and paste the messages I had written.

  • Boss standing still→Limit Break→Takes 1 step→Gets hit→Dies→Returned to ship→Quit mission
  • 2nd mission: Boss almost dead→Limit Break→Takes 1 step→Gets hit→Dies→Returned to ship→Quit mission

There were other adventurous moments in PSO2, but I will save them for their own posts. Now that I have friends to party up with on a regular basis, I want to start a new post series for interesting events that happened in PSO2. I have a bunch of screenshots to make use of as well.

Besides PSO2, I also played Gundam Breaker with my brother. Honestly, the end of the game wasn’t very fun. We were still stuck on that one mission that we couldn’t beat, and it took us numerous attempts over 2 days to finally beat it. Then the next final mission? Way too easy in comparison, not even remotely close to being difficult. I wonder if we actually finished the game because we didn’t get any special cut-scenes, but no new missions unlocked either. Was that really the last mission? And why was Mission 99 so damn ridiculous?

Overall, Gundam Breaker was still a good game and enjoyable to play. The early parts of the game were especially great. I liked the combat system, the maps were really neat, and getting new parts were exciting. However, late in the game, you lose freedom in what parts to use because certain ones are too weak or lack special abilities. Seeing imitation MS and not getting rare parts to drop by the end of the game were also disappointing. With all that said, I am excited to see what Gundam Breaker 2 has in store.

Kurod, a live broadcaster on NicoNico whom I watch very often, bought a PS4. I find the news a little disappointing, since that means he won’t be playing any more Halo games. For his first PS4 title, he bought Bloodborne. I only know a tad bit about the game and it was funny seeing him play it. Even the character creation part was hilarious.

I was finally able to get Windows 10 installed and working on my laptop. I spent while messing around with Cortana, which is a pretty fun feature, although I find her functions kind of limited. I guess I will have to keep on waiting for a more intelligent AI assistant.

Related to Halo, my little brother’s newly purchased Xbox One arrived on the 19th. I suggested to him that if we each have our own Xbox One, then we could play Halo 5 together. He found a sale for $300 that included Halo: The Master Chief Collection as a digital download, while I plan to get the Halo 5 special edition one later. I personally prefer physical goods, because I am a collector and also because the downloads take forever to finish. The full download must have taken over 18 hours with all the patches.

As for the game itself, it is pretty neat to have all four numbered Halo titles together. Personally, I find the UI hard to navigate through, and it was weird seeing 60 fps after being so used to 30 fps. I was able to spot some neat graphical tweaks to Halo 4 too. The main focus of the collection though, has got to be Halo 2 Anniversary. The cutscenes are simply stunning and looking around for Terminals is fun. Thanks to the Scarab Gun skull, I can be invincible! Long ago, I remember spending hours trying to hi-jack a Banshee in the tunnels and never succeeded. While I didn’t play online, the Halo 2 Anniversary multiplayer looks really interesting. I occasionally forget if I am playing Halo 2 or Halo 4. There were some gorgeous maps as well.

During this month, I spent most of my free time playing PSO2, organizing my room, or updating the blog. Did not have any time for eroge, manga, anime and other hobbies, which I hope I can get back into the habit of enjoying once again. I also came across my box of old Bionicles, which I loved when I was younger. I checked up on the current ones, and their designs don’t interest me. Not to mention they were unexpectedly pricey.

On Saturday the 29th, I watched the Kamen Rider Drive & Gaim Taisen Full Throttle movie. Spoilers alert for those who haven’t seen it. It was great that Gaim had an epilogue and even better that Kamen Rider movies nowadays continue off of the TV story. What I liked in particular was Micchi and Takatora playing a main role. Also, I really wanted there to be a Dragon Fruits Lock Seed during the TV series, and now it actually exists! I would have loved Zangetsu and Duke’s battle to be longer and more action packed though. Kaito didn’t appear for the majority of the movie, so I was surprised when he actually showed up, and still a badass. Why no Overlord form though?

Around the end of this month, I was feeling down about PSO2. While fun, I am not very good at the game. I try my best to dodge attacks but fail repeatedly, dying more than an entire party of people combined. In the lobby, I see most people with upgraded 13☆s. I don’t have a 12☆ or even a fully upgraded 10☆. That’s why my pro friend hardly ever played with me, always abandoning me in favor of more valuable players. Understandable, but sad. Worst of all was witnessing how easy it was for other people to solo a mission that I… can’t.

The only anime I watched this month are:

  • One Piece (??-604. Cool Brothers, Smiley, fight against CC, シノクニ, storming the facility.)
  • Gundam: G no Reconquista

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