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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 43 – June 2015

This month, I had a mission, one final task, the last barrier to freedom. I finished the fight. It was a fight I didn’t want, a battle I wasn’t ready for, and a war that was too costly. But now, I can finally say what I have waited years to say, I am through with academics.

Thursday, the 4th, was a pretty fun day. I woke up early to play some Destiny until 10:30am. Later in the afternoon, 後輩 visited. He was here to bring me some vegetables that he had grown and also to grab his package of KanColle battleship models. Judging by his reactions, he seemed much more interested in the battleships than the personified characters. He also tried to show me some weird videos, which I am not going to talk about, but he really is into them… Sadly, my floor decided to crack his phone screen. 後輩 left my place around 3pm, and at 4pm, I headed off to meet up with Xyrenth on campus. At the spot where they hang out, Xyrenth was playing Vanguard with her friend. I just watched as I was still fuzzy on the rules. A bit later, Mr. Warhammer arrived to join us. I tried playing against Xyrenth’s friend, who used a Tachikaze deck, and I am pretty sure I lost. Around evening, me, Xyrenth and Mr. Warhammer headed to the local comic book store for the Warhammer game night that is every Thursday. There was still some time before their game will start, so we all went over to the cafe next door to grab a drink and chat. Xyrenth and Mr.Warhammer asked me about my future goals. I mentioned how ideally, I would like to be a designer for fiction, and how that probably won’t happen. Realistically, I might be an interior or product designer. They played a round of Vanguard before Mr. Warhammer headed back to play Warhammer. Me and Xyrenth stayed in the cafe just chatting. We talked about a bunch of things:

  • the Europeans I met in Japan
  • Japan’s English language education
  • pronunciation, archaic JPN characters, JPN dictionary
  • English’s inconsistencies (The Chaos poem)
  • our handwriting
  • what games we have played
  • the Phantasy Star Online 2 game
  • my history of Halo and immersion in FPS
  • Virtual Reality VS Augmented Reality
  • what if the game Sword Art Online were real

Before we know it, it was already 9:30pm. We played a match of Vanguard (tense match but I lost) before going to check on Mr.Warhammer. He had already finished his game, so we all went to eat our late-dinner together. They played some more Vanguard before we called it a night.

June 8th was my birthday. I spent the day doing as I pleased and later in the afternoon, friends met up at my place to wait until everyone arrives for an all-you-can-eat sushi dinner downtown. In total, 部長, Mr.Warhammer, 後輩, and my roommate joined me. Sadly, Xyrenth nor Dragon could make it. We sat for a while, just eating and talking. My birthdays for the past few years have been spent mostly alone, so today was a really great birthday, being able to spend it with friends.

On the day that I finally finished the fight, I went back to my parent’s home for a week. 後輩 stayed over at my apt in the time being. That week was also E3, and I watched Microsoft’s, Sony’s, and Square Enix’s conferences. Halo 5 is shaping up to be pretty exciting. There were a couple PS4 titles that looked interested, such as Horizon: Zero Dawn or No Man’s Sky. Besides E3, I fully re-engaged with PSO2. I was mostly catching up on all the updates that happened since I left Japan in September last year. XH difficulty was unlocked, and is where most players are at. I experienced Magatsu for the 1st time. I knew nothing about the mechanics of the mission but the team succeeded, and I got a bunch of ☆10 weapons. I still suck as always. One night, Xyrenth started over with a new character. We only did 2 quick missions before she had to go sleep. I wanted to finish some blog posts but didn’t do much. Instead, I worked renovating my room. I got 3 walls painted and I am still thinking about the ceiling and door. I finished one set of windows too. Other things I did, I dueled against my brother in Yugioh a bit and also made him try out Vanguard. Surprisingly, my brother seemed interested and we looked at Wikia to see all the different clans. We watched a One Piece collab episode, and also got to episodes with a new OP.

I returned to my apt after the week at my parent’s and was glad to see that 後輩 haven’t set the place on fire. He needed to get to the SFO airport for his flight back to China, and I arranged plans for him to stay a night at my parent’s place, and then they will give him a ride to the airport the next day. Everything went smoothly.

Now everyday is free time until I move out of this apt at the end of July. I finished Go-chuumon ha Usagi desuka, and watched a lot of Yugioh. I am slowly straight-building my RG 00 Gundam. I also started teaching my roommate Japanese. He was able to memorize most of the hiragana within a week, but we didn’t have much time to go through grammar or vocabulary.

On Friday the 27th, I hanged out with 部長 for a day. He had went back to his parent’s place for the summer, but came back to take care of some stuff. We met up downtown and walked to his house. Along the way, we talked about models and their designs (ex: Hyaku-Shiki’s gold, Build/Kamiki Burning’s effect parts), how he felt about other non-Gundam models (Eureka 7 needs to have kits, he likes certain SD SRW designs), and talked a bit about translating too. At his house, I took a look at his Metal Build Destiny. He booted up PS3 Gundam Extreme VS and tried out some of Avalanche Exia’s moves set. I brought along the RG 00 that I have been building and showed him the completed frame. He also showed me what he had worked on, a MG Perfect Strike [ver. RM], and then talked about SEED Destiny. I attempted to paint, but the airbrush was clogged. By the time it resolved, the sky was already dark. I went back home and I continued building RG 00’s blue armor for backpack.

The next day, I went out to downtown to meet a friend who came back from Japan just a week ago. I had studied abroad with him in Aichi a year before, and he took my suggestion of going abroad again, this time to Kyoto during the spring. It was great to see him again. I was finally able to give him our group photo during our time abroad. He got me a souvenir, a box of green tea flavored cookies. So we sat at a cafe just talking about his experiences in Kyoto and how mine from a few years ago compared. He joined the tennis club at Seika university and went out with JP friends often. He mentioned that his practical Japanese improved a lot, so that was good to hear. He also told me of how he climbed through the hole in Toudai-ji. After Kyoto, he went to Tokyo for a bit. He liked Ikebukuro over Akihabara, but I have yet been in Ikebukuro. Of course, he returned to the US with stacks of manga. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the entire day and had to get going, but our conversation was meaningful and satisfying.

On Sunday, I watched an episode of Cross Ange (was a really good episode) before heading over to 部長’s house to spray my MG Exia’s blue armor pieces with a clear coat and purple tint. I didn’t have time to work on my HMM Blade Liger’s parts but I am satisfied with Exia’s progress. I did not encounter any troubles this time!

So I have been thinking about changing some of the alias that I have used to refer to certain friends. I want those names to be representative of those people, and well, the usernames that they often go by actually express their personalities quite accurately. If they don’t have a trend in their username then I had to come up with something. From now on, these are the name changes: 部長→Blitz-X, Mr.Warhammer→GameMaster, 後輩→??? (undecided).

What I watched this month were:

  • Cross Ange (story is moving and got intense. Really enjoying it so far, but I fear that the future will end up dark.)
  • Go-chuumon ha Usagi desuka (finished)
  • Monogatari Series (this arc focused on Nadeko’s mentality and it all seems so complex.)
  • Steins;Gate (after epilogue OVA)
  • Yugioh 5Ds (1st season, main of the tournament with Izayoi Aki & Jack Atlas)
  • Yugioh GX (finished the Genma battles)

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