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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 42- May 2015

Last month, I left off at returning to my parent’s house. Continuing on, now that I have gotten my little brother a PS3, that has finally motivated him to get a new TV in order to play it. He has mostly been playing Gundam Extreme VS, so I put in One Piece: Kaizoku Musou and we both took a look at it. It was pretty fun, and the differences between Gundam Musou were interesting. In split-screen co-op, I tried out Nami and she was not as easy to use as Luffy or Zoro. As for other games, my brother helped me in SAO:HF to take down bosses and explore areas. In Gundam Breaker, I think we completed another phase? We got a cut-scene which implied so, but the previous mission wasn’t at all challenging. I also talked to my brother about how I was getting back into Yugioh, and we dueled a bit. We also finally got around to watching Kamen Rider Gaim’s HBV. I’m not impressed with the newest series, but I decided that it wasn’t all too terrible and started to watch it with my brother.

The real reason why I came back to my parent’s house though, is to prepare for my room renovation. I moved just about everything out of my room because paint chips and wood dust will get everywhere. On Sunday, I skyped in for the plamo club’s gathering. I only stayed for one hour mostly due to the terrible quality feed. Apparently, in addition to the HG Nu HWS from before, Mr.Warhammer inherited 部長’s HG Sazabi-SD Neo Zeong mix project. A number of other members were there but I couldn’t see them very well. Sadly, the terrible video quality has nothing to do with why 部長’s GFF 0 Gundam looks so awful.

Back at my apt, I spent the next few days thinking about my Yugioh deck builds. My mind gets everywhere when I think, resulting in my kotatsu and floor being covered in Yugioh cards as I try to organize and categorize each potentially useful card. I can’t use my kotatsu until I finish rearranging my dragon decks!

On Tuesday the 5th, I invited 部長 to hang out. While waiting for him near campus, I ran into Mr.Warhammer and one of his friends (who I will to refer to as Xyrenth). We chat until 部長 arrived and decided to join up for dinner at a new pizza restaurant downtown. It was my first time there and it was quite good for a reasonable price. We talked about random stuff while we ate. Afterwards, we went to the local comic book store where Mr.Warhammer grabbed some paints and I looked through the Yugioh binders. 部長 tried his luck with a New Challengers booster set and a Star Pack. He pulled a First of The Dragons which he gave to me. I was still looking through the binders when 部長 got impatient and bought a box of Premium Gold 2, which to this day, I still don’t understand why. There wasn’t anything he wanted to begin with, and yet, he was heavily disappointed after opening all of the packs. Thankfully, Mr.Warhammer had split the cost with him. In the end, he gave a number of the cards to me.

Now finished with the comic book store, 部長 had to go (never told us ahead of time). The rest of us were not particularly busy, so we continued to hang out at a cafe. They played some Cardfight Vanguard while I watched. They were explaining the game to me as they played, but it was pretty hard to follow since I knew nothing. After a while, I walked with them to the bus stop but we were just a minute too late. While waiting for the next bus, they played some more Vanguard and told me about the different clans in the game. They were enthusiastic and interested in me playing, so I may try it out for fun. After seeing them off and getting back to my apt, I stayed up until 5:50am just arranging my Yugioh deck.

The next day (same day really), I dueled against my roommate’s Blackwings, Machina, and Ancient Gear decks with my newly arranged dragon deck, and… I still lost every every match but one. It appears that my strategies often self-destruct. (´Д`)
One particular duel was really impressive. I attached Mist Body to my Prime Material Dragon, meaning that Prime Material Dragon cannot be destroyed by battle and the dragon’s own effect can prevent itself from being destroyed by card effects. I had an immortal monster to defend with. In response to that, my roommate activated Overload Fusion, removing from play 9 machine type monsters to summon Chimeratech Overdragon. The effects in play gave it 8000 attack power with piercing damage and the ability to attack up to as many times as the number of monsters removed, which was 9. Overkill.

This weekend, our local comic book store was going to have a pre-release event for Yugioh’s newest booster set, Crossed Souls. I wanted to attend, but this weekend was also Mother’s Day. I had plans to go home and already bought a present, so my plans remained unchanged. On Monday, 部長 texted me photos of his MG Exia’s final progress and completely finished all the lining and decals the next day. In contrast, my own MG Exia still has quite a bit to go. On Thursday, my roommate surprisingly joined me in hanging out at 部長’s house. We didn’t work on models, since I am still tired of all my failures. For dinner we went to eat at a nearby Quickly’s, however their menu has changed quite dramatically since the last time I was here and it is not really a place for food anymore. The next day, Dragon was over at 部長’s house painting her RG Wing Zero. I joined them later in the afternoon to touch up some scratches on Exia’s armor. For dinner, we ate at downtown before returning home.

Earlier this month, Modeler’s G (a Japanese gallery website for modelers to post photos of their works) launched their 3rd official contest. The deadline to submit your entry was Sunday the 17th. I had originally planned to submit either my MG Exia or Hmm Blade Liger, but neither were finished due to all the problems during their progress. Not wanting to withdraw from the contest, I decided to submit my Valvrave I Hito, staying up the entire night just taking photos. You can view my entry on Modeler’s G. My roommate also entered the contest, submitting his HG Hi-Mock custom, which you can see here. The special judges for this contest included Kawaguchi Meijin, Oogoshi Tomoe and representatives from companies like Kotobukiya and more. The judges decide on 1st, 2nd, 3rd places along with special awards, while the viewers can give any entry they like 1 point. I actually scored less points than my roommate. (T^T)

The same Sunday was also the plamo club’s final gathering for the term, which will also be my last. Sadly, not all of our regular members were able to show up. Today’s display of stuff were largely contributed by me, 部長 and Mr.Warhammer, with a few by other members.

In addition to Modeler’s G’s contest, our club had a HG Hi-Mock contest of their own, the deadline of which was also today. My submission was half a Hi-Mock with extra parts taped on. I never had time to even start. My roommate submitted the same custom Hi-Mock and 先輩 only had a straight build. No other members had an entry and so my roommate won by default. My abomination won 3rd place out of three.

A number of members have an Exia of some kind, so I requested everyone to bring them to the final gathering for a group shot. In toto, we had 2 HGs, 3 MGs (1 fake), and 1 RG. The HG on the very left and the MG in the back on the stand are mine. My terrible photography skills did not capture the color of my MG Exia well. It is really not that dark, but does carry a purple tint. The HG next to mine is Mr.Warhammer’s straight build. 部長’s designer colored MG Exia is in front while his counterfeit junk is behind it. Dragon’s RG is on the right. (Incidentally, Dragon knew she couldn’t show up today, so she left her Exia with 部長 for him to bring it. That was very thoughtful of her.)

My progress on my HMM Blade Liger so far. Just about nothing is done. As decent as this looks as is, I really want to do a bunch of color separation on the frame with different tones of metal to enhance the mechanical aspect.

So a while back, my roommate told me about this Sinanju themed motorcycle he saw parked near campus. Last week, I passed by it and slipped into the helmet an advertisement for our club. That person actually showed up to the gathering today and joined as a new member. Sadly, this was our last meeting for the term, but still great to have another member. Go to the plamo club’s blog for closer photos of our models on display. Me, Mr.Warhammer and 先輩 went to eat pizza for dinner, but nobody else could spare the time to join us sadly.

The club is now over, but I still intend on hanging out with some people from the club. I see 部長 all the time, so he is not a concern. Mr.Warhammer told me that he is usually on campus at a certain social hub around noon. So on Thursday the 21st, I went there to look for him and it turns out that’s where some people from the anime club hangs out. I didn’t feel comfortable with any of those people, but thankfully Xyrenth showed up to teach me how to play Vanguard. Ahead of time, I had told her that I would like to try playing Link Jokers and she printed out a paper deck for me to start with. The game was interesting and I even won a few times. I am still fuzzy on the rules though.

The next day, I happened to spot a really nice glass desk at a store. I couldn’t carry by myself but thankfully, 部長 got off class around that time and came over to help me out. My roommate was awake and we all went out for some pizza since he had coupons. We parted ways afterwards since we all had plans. My plan was returning to the game Destiny to check out the House of Wolves expansion with my little brother. We looked at the new (crappy) vendor armors and weapons at the tower before exploring the new social area, The Reef. My little brother noticed that now you can actually keep your helmet on, and I almost cried out of joy. Finally! We played the first story mission today and continued the other missions over the next few days. Overall, the House of Wolves is a big improvement over The Dark Below. In particular, I really like the Prison of Elders and I think the story missions were neat. Still, would I have paid for the expansion pass had I known all the content? Nope.

This month I watched:

  • Yu-Gi-Oh GX (ep.9 – 31. VS Darkness and VS Vampire were neat episodes. Some of the character’s personalities were really expressed well.)
  • Yu-Gi-OH 5D’s (ep.4 – 10)
  • Go-chuumon ha Usagi desuka (2nd to last episode, Christmas!)
  • Cross Ange (ep.11 – 12, Enryuugou and more mysteries.)
  • KanColle (finished. I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and it was fantastic. Although I need more ぱんぱかぱーん!)
  • Monogatari Series (started Sengoku Medusa arc)

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