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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 40 – March 2015

Just like February, this month begin on a Sunday. Before heading to the Plamo club gathering, I spent the morning and early afternoon enjoying my free time. I played some SAO:HF on the PSV. I finally reached the beautiful 3rd area. A while back, I asked which area my brother liked the most and he said the 3rd one. Seeing the area for myself, it really is nice. I ended up using this area a lot to train my partners. Also, it has been a while since I played Baldr Sky. I’m getting new memory fragments and new sides of the story that has to do with the other 2 heroines instead of Rain.

Today’s club gathering was actually the last one for the winter term. Despite that, not many members could come and there were only three of us in the first hour. I immediately began work on my 1/100 Virtue because I wanted to finish it before the gathering ended. I made the other two use my DSLR camera and… the results were not great. I deleted a bunch of bad photos, most of which were out of focus. I also had to photoshop the lighting and color balance.

Nobody was showing up, but we continued to wait since I needed more time to build anyways. It is a good thing we waited because 2 other regular members actually showed up a while later. Mr.Warhammer and I were the only people who had stuff to display. I was asked about my build of HG Exia and VVVI Hito too, which I was pretty happy about. Before heading off for our dinner, we took some group photos with our display of models and figures in front. I managed to build all of Virute’s armor and half the bazooka today.

Together, we ate at a pho restaurant. I ordered pho with meatballs, and as always, I wanted it without cilantro. That brought up the topic of genetic sensitivity to certain foods. Another thing we talked about was anime recommendations for 部長. He said he likes romantic comedy, but when most of what comes out of his mouth are negative remarks, I don’t know what to recommend him. After all, the whole point is to enjoy your time. I recommended him Amagami SS before, and he doesn’t like two of the characters’ voices. Our graduate student member (whom I will refer to as 先輩) also helped in naming some shows she recommended.

You can look at our group photo at the plamo club’s blog. Not much was written for this day though, probably because I didn’t get to editing the photos until a month later.

Next week on Friday, I spent most of my time playing Baldr Sky. As mentioned, there were new scenes with more interactions with the other 2 heroines. To be specific, I finished chapter X, which had new flashbacks and I ran into different characters but still essentially parallel with Rain’s route. I think I still have a while to go before the story completely branches off into all new chapters. Sadly though, I won’t have time for Baldr Sky or other eroge for a long time after today.

On Saturday, I went over to 部長’s house. The latest issue of Dengeki Hobby arrived, so I had a look through it. The magazine came with the HG Amazing Lev A parts but neither I or 部長 had any use for it. I noticed that the gunpla on the display shelf had new poses. I’m here to work on my MG Exia today, so I primed and painted the parts with Mr. Color cobalt blue. The color was nice and vivid, but the texture was really rough and needs to be redone. Where did I messed up on I wonder… 後輩 couldn’t come today, but my roommate finally found the time to visit 部長’s house. As it was his first time here, we showed him around and when we got to the infamous closet filled with old projects, 部長 offered my roommate the counterfeit Hi-Nu Gundoom, which he happily accepted. Later, my roommate headed home while I stayed for a little longer, since I had to fix up the MG Exia parts. When I finally got back to my apartment, I stayed up late working on VVV parts.

The next day was interesting. There are no more club gatherings until April, but I planned to go to 部長’s house later that day. I was watching Cross Ange as I ate lunch when I got a text saying from 部長 saying that 後輩 may have puked on my plamo parts at his house. … Upon my arrival there, both of them were in the backyard talking about models. 後輩 seemed fine, so I checked on my stuff. He did not directly puke on them but a tiny bit of splash got on a few parts. I just wiped everything down and honestly, I was expecting worse. 後輩 actually was not fine and he puked some more, although this time in the bathroom and not on the floor. While he rested on the sofa, 部長 and I argued about how to care for an ill person. For whatever reason, he thought that advice from people he knew online who pukes a lot due to over consumption of alcohol was a good idea. While 後輩 slept, I sanded MG Exia parts, and 部長 made fried noodles w/ chicken for lunch. A little later, 後輩 was feeling decent enough to bike home, although he left all his stuff behind. I worked until sundown, re-priming my MG Exia parts and also 部長’s. I had my 1/100 Kyrios, but didn’t have time to work on it.

It was around this time of the month when I started to be much more efficient with my free time. I updated the poses of various figures on my desk in addition catching up a bit on blog posts. I also spent a few nights finishing up VVVI’s katana sheaths as I watched videos of pro-modelers working on realistic models for inspiration. One day, I was at 部長’s house the whole day just testing paint, including the crystal and metal colors. On another day, I painted the red pieces on MG Exia and after being treated to sushi for dinner, we browsed through Dengeki Hobby as we chat. This week on NicoNico, Kurod live-streamed his playthrough of Dragon Quest X’s story missions. The most hilarious part has got to be the harem island with the 壁ドン.

I played quite a bit of SAO:HF throughout the week as well. I partied up with Silica to level her up due to the in-game message. I got one from Shinon too, but I have not done anything. I got Yui’s relationship rank to 3, and Asuna to rank 4. Now I can お姫様抱っこ Asuna, but I accidentally put her down and her mood plummeted to 0. Darn, I heard there are 添い寝 events too, if I could have taken her to the bedroom. I did get Asuna’s event about a 銭湯 in the dungeon, but it had no special scenes. I also completed a few Implement Checks. On another day, I proceeded by clearing a certain Hollow mission that then lowers the water level, revealing a new passageway. I’m sad that the water level dropped to be honest. Using the solo network play, I trained multiple characters at once, namely Asuna, Klein and Strea. I explored Kaizoku no Iwa with them and found a locked door leading to the boss area. Also, Klein kept dying.

In other entertainment, I continued to watch Cross Ange. Tusk, the hero of the series (not protagonist of this show, who is female) finally made his debut. He had an evil-looking expression in OP but he is a genuine lucky-sukebe, so perhaps no worries there. Tusk is voiced by Miyano Mamoru, who I’m a fan of. Other than Cross Ange, I finished SAO II. During this episode, I tried not to cry but I did. Other shows have gotten my eyes get watery before, but tears straight up fell out for this one. SAO II was excellent from beginning to finish. Later, I activated the free DLC on SAO:HF for Yuuki’s sword. It appears that the Mother’s Rosario sword skill is not in the game. Although that is disappointing, I appreciate the sword and all the other DLCs for free.

As for my progress on models, I finished all of the red parts on MG Exia and practiced mixing an unique color for the blue parts. Nothing went well for VVVVI’s white parts, so I will put that on hiatus. I struggled with VVVI’s Volc Arms as always. Trying to fix the back of its shield was also not easy.

On a particular Tuesday, I woke up at 11:45am and then ate a Cup Noodle before heading off to 部長’s house to resume on MG Exia since I didn’t finish yesterday. 部長 wasn’t at home, so I was actually able to work with no distractions. I first fixed up some of the red pieces, and then proceeded to mix an unique blue based on my trial attempt. Rather than using exact ratios, I slowly added colors until I got a color close to what I imagined. Midway, I thought that I messed up as the color appeared to be dull. I went ahead and painted the parts with that color anyways. To my surprise, the color turned out great. The first couple parts I sprayed had a bad texture, but I finally figured out that it was because I didn’t mix enough thinner in. Once I finished, I loosely put on the armors to take a look and it was spectacular. 部長 was home by then and he agreed that it looks nice. Sidetracked, he showed me his translation project for a game. I’m fairly impressed by his dedication and decent thoughtfulness in translating. Anyways, 部長 worked on painting his own Exia. Meanwhile, I tried to mix more of my unique blue and actually succeeded in making the same color. I didn’t have exact ratios, just approximation and checked by eye, so it was surprising. 部長 finished a good amount of parts. I started to browse through Dengeki Hobby again and we chatted for a bit before I left at 9pm.

The next day, I was supposed to relax and enjoy my free time before going back to my parent’s house in the evening. After I ate lunch as I watched ep. 6 of KanColle, I began to pack up my stuff and also update my two HDDs. I ended up spending the rest of my entire day just organizing and backing up my data. One of those HDDs is almost full, so I really need to decide what I don’t want to keep. Worst of all though, is that my PC was still corrupting itself even after doing a fresh install, so I’m thinking of saving up for a brand new PC.

So back at home, I watched Gundam Build Fighters and One Piece with my little brother. We also watched Gundam Origin I. It was an odd feeling to see the young versions of characters that you have always known as old people, in particular Ramba Ral and Kycilia Zabi. The mix of humor in the story was also a little striking as movie presented a solemn mood the majority of the time.

For games, we played SAO:HF and tried to do some Implement Checks. What I thought was a quick one actually took quite a bit longer than I had expected, but most of the 1st level checks are now completed. I later trained some characters by myself, and unlocked Asuna’s attack and defense outfit. My brother actually didn’t know about is and upon checking all of the characters, Leafa was the only one with an attack outfit unlocked. Story-wise, I proceeded into the (non-visible) lighthouse dungeon and after killing the monster on the top floor, I got a mace that could break rock objects. Pausing on the story, I went back to training some characters and unlocked Philia’s attack and defense outfit. I also unlocked Asuna’s buff outfit, which means I got the complete outfit as well.

Last time on Gundam Breaker, we couldn’t beat a certain mission no matter what. Well, we beat it on our first try this time. Another difficult mission came up but we were able to beat it after failing a few times. Those challenging but not unfair moments are pretty fun. We played some more, and I finally got Banshee’s Armed Armors by scratch-building a Bansee arm part. It was the Unicorn mode but quite powerful already. I also got Destiny’s Alondite sword, but in HG not MG.

We spent a number of hours building real gunpla too, upon my request of course. I had my Kyrios that I really wanted to start building, so he opened up the MG Destiny I gave him. We both started with the body first. Then he built the arms, while I built the shoulders and waist. The next two days, I continued alone because my brother was busy. I finished both legs one day and both arms the next. I am impressed with how good it looks. I was able to build with my brother again later, where I got the shield and gun done, and he finished Destiny’s shoulder and waist.

In other random things, I started to plan my room renovation at my parent’s house. It will just be an interior renewal to make the room more appealing to live in. I first made a 3D model of the room in VectorWorks to visualize the furniture layout. My interior project aside, my friend Ry couldn’t visit me this weekend. He told me of the beta for Cosmic Break 2 by CyberStep, but none of my PCs could run it. He had also lost a joint for his Nendoroid’s stand. I crafted him a spare, but he couldn’t visit to grab it nor deliver my PS3, for which I ordered the One Piece Kaizoku Musou game. I’m currently hiding the game to surprise my brother.

Once back at my apartment, I can finally get comfortable. So I made lunch and sat down hoping to enjoy an episode of Cross Ange. After a couple minutes in mist of the OP, I received a phone call from 後輩, who was apparently at my front door. ??? It turns out he was close by and just wanted to visit. He looked at the various figures on my desk and also talked to me about a certain mobile game that he plays. To be honest, I understood maybe half of what he was saying. From what he showed me, it appeared to be like KanColle, but all the characters were different and included ships from many countries. I don’t know the details. We hanged out for a bit before heading downtown for potential modeling supplies and then to a restaurant. I just ordered a red bean drink and 後輩 was kind enough to pay for my bill. We parted ways after that.

Now that my time is back to being mine, I worked on my HMM Blade Liger until sun down before resuming on my interrupted episode of Cross Ange. After the episode and eating dinner, I played some more SAO:HF, training Silica until I unlocked her Buff outfit, which also got her to rank 3 friendship. I talked to Strea until she reached rank 3 as well. Despite having cleared 2 regions already, I still haven’t done much with new skills. So in preparation of challenging the 3rd region’s boss, I equipped some SP related Battle Skills and a couple high-level Sword Skills. After setting up, I charged into the boss room with Philia. Without spoilers, it was definitely the funnest and most exciting boss fight in the game so far. Could the 4th region’s boss be as good or possibly better I wonder?

The next day, I went over to 部長’s house around noon since 後輩 said that is when he would be going as well. I arrived to see a friend of 部長 playing Metal Gear Rising Revengeance on the PS3. 後輩 wasn’t there yet and 部長 showed me his wrong shipment of stuff. The package had a bunch of bootleg stuff, of which the fake RG Strike Freedom effect parts were particularly bad. Anyways, 部長’s friend treated us out to lunch. Along the way, we got into the topic of Japan’s cultural differences. While we were out eating, 後輩 arrived at 部長’s house and waited outside until we got back shortly after. Today, I worked on the HMM Blade Liger, modifying the tail and visor. I also helped 後輩 with his Musai battleship. Not sure how much of it he understood, but I tried to teach him how to use putty to fix uneven surfaces long a seam, encouraged him to practice scribing panel lines, and showed him the viscosity to thin paints to. I returned home before dinner time, and then spent too much time thinking about my plans for the Blade Liger. That was a hint that my efficiency with free time has ended.

The following day on Saturday, I did some cleaning and changed up my displays in the morning after watching an episode of Go-chuumon ha Usagi desuka. It has been a long time since someone took an interest at looking at my desk until 後輩 visited the other day, so that encouraged me to do some updates. In the late afternoon, I went over to 部長’s house with the intention of not staying long, since all I wanted was to use the paint stripper. Sadly, my visit was not quick and short as I had hoped. 後輩 was in the backyard painting his Musai battleship. Considering how he struggled with painting before, he did a surprisingly good job. The green of the hull has shading to it, even if it wasn’t very even. Some of the puttied parts could use a bit more clean up though. Later, we ate at downtown before I went back to my apartment. There was something that I didn’t get to in the morning, which was unboxing my Figma Shimakaze. I have not done a review in a long long time. Mostly because of two things: the backlog of other posts, and my lack of a lens for detail photos. Since I will likely not resolve those two issues anytime soon, I will just proceed with opening some of my stuff now. The 3 little cannon bunnies (Rensouhou-chan) are incredibly cute. I also have the Nendoroid, but I will unbox that another time.

On Sunday, I planned to play on my PSV first thing in the morning but I forgot to even charge it. So instead, I spent a good portion of my time working on the HMM Blade Liger’s tail modification. I actually finished so I took the parts over to 部長’s house for painting. A dozen or so pieces took over 3 hours to paint… I still don’t understand how. Some parts also messed up and the Super Gold didn’t spray well. When I tried to put all the parts together, some of them cracked but luckily nothing snapped apart. Sunday was just a cascade of problems!

With that, my spring break came to an end. My first order of business was to fix my wired 360 controller by soldering the broken wires. As I was doing that, 部長 texted me that a number of packages arrived. Since I wanted to see them and continue on my Blade Liger anyways, I headed to his house after my 360 controller was repaired. So 部長 bought a counterfeit MG Exia for spare parts. While I have seen decent bootlegs before, this one was really bad. The plastic was of course cheap and the mold quality was horrendous, hardly anything fitted together. The latest issue of Dengeki Hobby was the other package, but I decided to look at that later. Using Taimya Cement, I worked on fusing parts to rid the seam lines. When 部長 came back from his classes, we chatted a bit before grocery shopping and I tagged along. After we got back, I immediately setup to paint while the sun was still up, although I couldn’t seem to accomplish much as always. For dinner, we had some fried chicken as we browsed through Dengeki Hobby. I borrowed both the magazine and the fake Exia kit to see what spare parts I needed. 部長 got me and himself a bottle of Neuro Sleep, a beverage that supposedly helps you to sleep. I got home around 9 or 10pm, drank less than half of it, and got really sleepy around 11pm. My roommate checking out the bootleg Exia and magazine was the only thing keeping me up, then I crashed to bed a little after midnight, the earliest I have slept in a while. Meanwhile, 部長 had drank his entire bottle and said he felt nothing.

Anime I watched this month:

  • Cross Ange (Early episodes were really bloody. Interesting character interactions and development. Weapon cameos answered my question regarding Villkiss’s resemblance to Strike Freedom.)
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try (Denial, Crossbone X1 Full Cloth, and Try-On 3)
  • Sword Art Online II (finished)
  • KanColle (癒された~ *´ω`*)
  • One Piece
  • Gundam The Origin I
  • Queen’s Blade OVAs (Continued and finished. Easy and not story-heavy to watch for when I’m tired. Different character arcs for each episode was nice.)
  • Zoids New Century/Zero (Berserk Führer made its debut)

This month, I didn’t read any manga! 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

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