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Life This Month 38 – January 2015

2015 began with a great start with January feeling quite accomplished. It has been way too long since I could say that and it feels good. A large part is due to my new friends who all share the same hobby of gunpla. I’m really grateful that I discovered my campus’s Plamo club because I haven’t had any friends (outside of 2 roommates) for 2 entire years, and they have added a lot of liveliness to my life.

Back to the start of the month, I had a few days of vacation left before university starts and I wanted to make good use of my remaining break… which is why I made efforts control the amount of Destiny I play. A number of raid runs went really quick and easy, and then a couple that were unbeatable for hours. I did however stopped playing the competitive multiplayer because I simply don’t enjoy it.

Well, there goes a few days but not all were wasted because I managed to semi marathon the remaining episodes of Date A Live II. Quite glad to see that a movie is in production. I also spent some time reading manga and playing eroge, which for BaldrSky, I grabbed Rain’s normal end and begun on a 2nd play-through for Nanoha’s route. I also had time to change up the poses for my Kamen Rider Gaim S.H.Figuarts. Whenever I look at them, the theme song plays in the back of my head. I made good use of Saturday in particular. I still can’t get up earlier than 11am though.

Sadly, I didn’t make good use of the following Friday and Saturday. I wasted time and didn’t get to do everything I wanted to do. Although it was nice that I showed my roommate the Kamen Rider Agito movie and some episodes of SAO, Destiny ruined my night. We had 3 max level players, so I pestered my brother into joining us with the promise that this will be a quick and easy run. Hours passed, and we couldn’t beat it. I failed my brother and vowed that I will not ask him to raid again until I can solo the raid myself. I did made progress on revamping my HG Gundam Exia, but it is taking hours of my free time. (T^T)

Sunday though, I redeemed myself by spending some time reading manga (Minamoto Monogatari, Shinmai Maou no Testament, Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai), playing BaldrSky, and SAO: Hollow Fragment. In the SAO game, I reached a new area and discovered that I can actually fall off the map for the first time. This Sunday was also the first gathering of the Plamo Club for the new term. I took with me my Valvrave I and HMM Blade Liger to show. The club president (whom I will now refer to as 部長 (buchou)) always brings some of his stuff to display and this time he had his MG Unicorn and MG Banshee Norn, which I got to pose. One person there (whom I’ll refer to as 後輩 (kouhai)) was building an old HG Hyaku-shiki, and this another person who only builds military models thought that the plastic for the Hyaku-shiki looked amazing. He had to leave, so I couldn’t explain chrome plating to him. During our conversations, 部長 mentioned that anyone is welcomed to visit his house to use his supplies. That was exactly what I did later in the week.

Visiting 部長’s house, he first showed me his living room where he has two desks designated as work stations filled with various tools, supplies and paints. He also had a display cabinet for his built models and Robot Damashii figures. His airbrush set-up is outdoors in his small backyard with a table. I requested to see his bedroom on the second floor, and it was a simplistic, clean room with a few Robot Damashii Victory Gundams displayed on small shelves. His closet however, was filled with boxes unbuilt model kits, plus a stack of flattened boxes and manuals. For some reason, all of his MG Gundam SEED kits are almost complete but headless. He also had a stack of identical Gundam X kits, plus a single SRW kit. Among his unfinished projects were a SD Neo Zeong and HG Sazabi mix, a Hi-Nu Gundoom kit, a couple HGs, and some resin kits. He asked if I would take any of his canceled projects and I chose his half built HG F91. He originally planned to make it into the F91 Imagine, but now only builds 1/100 models. I also received custom hand and thruster parts, and a M.S.G weapon for my roommate. 部長’s place was really nice; the first person I have met that is neater than I am.

So I’m still playing Destiny, but to be honest, I’m quite tired of it. I want to like the game, but every time I play, I feel like my time is wasted rather than enjoyed. Most of all, I wasted my brother’s time, which to me was unforgivable. Xur surprisingly had Obsidian Mind for sale, so I bought it without hesitation. Now, I can reach max level! …After having given up on the raid.

For the 3-day weekend, I went back to my parent’s home and so I wasn’t able to visit the model club. I played some Gundam Breaker with my brother and I also tried out the co-op play in SAO:HF. Since I’m still early in the game, my brother had to carry me through some strong bosses to open special fancy chests for nice new swords. While you cannot progress in story elements, you can train many characters at once with solo co-op play. I also finally found out what the implement system does by reading online as it has been puzzling me ever since I started playing. I also progressed a bit on the demo for Ano Ko ha Ore kara Hanarenai on the PSV, and Dracu-Riot on the PC. For manga, I found time to read some Kami nomi, finishing Vol.12. With my brother, we watched One Piece and Gundam Build Fighters. I’m really happy to start watching One Piece again. We are currently at the Gyojin-tou arc, a large battle against Hody’s group.

So one of the presents I gave to my little brother was the HG Build Burning Gundam, and so far he has built the upper torso, shoulder armor and head. I also custom made a GP Base data card for him. I lent him vol.2 of Shokugeki no Souma a while back but he haven’t gotten to reading more of it. He did begin to play SAO again since I started to play it more. He haven’t played it since October but he has already beaten Hollow Area’s story. He mentioned that he likes the aesthetics of the 3rd area, which I have yet to get to.

After I returned to my apartment, I spent hours of time on revamping my HG Exia. Some ideas planned are using clear pla-plates for the GN strips, sharpening the GN Sword & antennas, minor proportioning, polishing the GN Condensers, and inking shadows. I visited 部長’s house later to saw apart the GN Drive. 後輩 was also there and he was painting his Gundam Alex’s yellow details and grey outer armor.

For the Plamo club’s 3rd gathering, I took most of my collection along with my black light to show off. In the photo above, just about everything behind the black-light is mine. The glowing effect surprised a few members and after taking some pictures, they tested various clear parts to see if it reacts.

A couple funny things happened where my 1/100 Nadleeh was mistaken for the 1/100 Astraea, and it happened twice. I guess those two didn’t know about the Nadleeh or Astraea in detail. One of them also thought that I put LEDs inside my models to make them glow. That same person also complimented my HG Reborns Gundam and although I’m flattered, that kit was an experimental build using no paint. As a result, many joints are loose and details are flat. Anyways, I got started on building Virtue’s armor, beginning with the backpack.

As for other members, 後輩 was panel-lining his Gundam Alex and building his battle ships. He also had his built HG Hyaku-shiki with him. Another person was building a RX78-2 Gundam model made out of aluminium sheets that she bought in Tokyo this past winter. 部長 mentioned that this term the club will host a contest where people will choose a Build Custom set to combine with a HG Hi-Mock. Of course, I’m eager to join and see what everyone else does. He also spoke to me about the 1/100 Kyrios, since I had told him that’s a kit I’m hunting for. He found a listing on Mandarake and made the purchase, but later that day, we received an e-mail stating that the item was sold out. We then resorted to an auction on Ebay. Miraculously, our max bid was just $1 over someone else’s max bid and we won. Woot! At last, I have the 4 main Gundams from Gundam 00 [1st]!

Continuing on with the day, 部長, 後輩, another member who has painted a lot of Warhammer figures, and I went out for dinner together at a fish grill restaurant after the club gathering. I have never ate there before and while the fish with rice and steamed vegetables was pretty good, the serving felt small. It was really nice to eat out with everyone though.

The next week, I was able to wake up early one day (10am is early for me). After eating, I played some BGM as I spent a bit of time on HG Exia. That bit of time was quite long for the amount that got done; models always take a lot of time. It felt really nice and I need to wake up earlier more often. I also logged onto Destiny, but by now my XBL Gold has ran out and I have no intend to renew it. Since I couldn’t do any Strikes of any kind, so I just did a few short bounties and then logged off. Hard mode for the 2nd raid is out, but I don’t want to bother with hard when I can’t consistently beat normal. I then spent some time updating the blog’s front page by arranging the layout of banners and adding various new links, in addition to working on some posts.

I visited 部長’s house again on Saturday, and 後輩 arrived a few min after me. I prepared my Valvrave’s 4 katana sheaths for priming, while 後輩 tried to paint his battleship. So I was new to airbrushing or even using Mr.Surfacer, and I was surprised at how fine and smooth the primer went on. Sadly, I had to spray paint the sheaths for the same red to match the body, and the resulting texture will need quite a bit of polishing. Anyways, when 後輩 was using the airbrush, he was getting it messy and clogged. We had to open it up to clean the parts, among other random trouble. The events and dialogs exchanged were quite funny. Sad news though, was that the model contest will have to be delayed until next term. However, 部長 was willing to give the prizes meant for the contest away when I mentioned that I wanted to compete for one of the prizes. So he ended up giving me the HG Star Build Strike Gundam, and gave 後輩 the HG Gyan and Valuable Pod set, as gifts for actually being the only people to visit his house. Before we left at 7pm, the other two played a bit of Gundam Extreme VS Full Boost on the PS3.

Unlike my usual days, now I am fully engaged in building plastic models. Not only is it a result of having found others with the same passion, but my time here is limited too. I will be graduating in 6 months, and that means I have 6 months to utilize the supplies offered by the club. Of course, I have other hobbies to spend time for as well. Life is quite busy, in a good way.

Manga that I read this month:

  • Date A Party
  • Shinmai Maou no Testament
  • Zombitch ha Bitch ni Fukumaremasu ka
  • Minamoto Monogatari
  • Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai (finished Vol.12)

Anime that I watched this month:

  • Date A Live II (finished)
  • SAO II (began Mother’s Rosario arc)
  • Gundam Build Fighters Try
  • Zoids New Century/Zero
  • Monogatari Series: 2nd Season (started)
  • Gochuumon ha Usagi desuka?
  • One Piece

Eroge that I played this month:

  • Ren’ai 0 Kilometer! (finished Sakuya’s route, next is Misaki!)
  • Futsuu no Fantasy (got to the H scenes with Karen)
  • Dracu-Riot
  • Baldr Sky Dive 1 (started on Nanoha’s route and got well into some new scenarios. However, trying to unlock new weapons was been a pain to set up, but I found some working combos after a few hours.)

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