-フローレス パッション-

「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

Life This Month 9 – March 2012

Finally took photos of my dorm room after the rearrangement mentioned in Life This Month 7.

Mar 1st – 7th:
On Friday night, me and a friend marathoned Gundam 00, both seasons. I wanted to rewatch it, and my friend had only seen half of season 1, which took until Saturday morning. Season 2 was started on after breakfast. During the afternoon however, it got too warm and that killed my mood, so we went more slower until the sun set. Season 2 was finished by around midnight. I wanted to rewatch movie as well, but my friend didn’t want to. During the 2 nights, I felt perfectly fine, I didn’t fall asleep by drinking Mountain Dew.

Unfortunately, on Sunday, my friend still didn’t felt like watching the movie, on the assumption that it is bad. I’m not sure what you think of the movie, but I thought it was ok, another friend didn’t like it, and my little brother loved it. I decided to watch 1/4 of the movie while reading the wiki, which makes it a lot more understandable.

On Monday, I bought my plane ticket to Japan from JAL (Japan Airlines) for ~$1100 USD. That was the cheapest I could find. If you have flew to Japan before, which airline did you use and how much was it?

Continuing through the 1st half of the week, I have been tired, lazy, and slow on posts. My neck/shoulder were sore for 2 days, I wonder if I slept in a bad posture? My plan regarding my initial arrival at Japan was settled after I got in contact with a friend on Skype. Makes me ashamed of my Japanese level…

I started to pack stuff up for the upcoming weekend and with just a few weeks left, I have to start taking things back to my house. One of my friends at home called, saying let’s marathon something when I am back on Saturday. And I convinced the same friend earlier (Gundam 00) to come with me to my house for the weekend, to watch various things and to meet my other friend at home.

Mar 8th – 14th:
On Friday, I accidentally slept in and missed a class. And then, I didn’t felt like going to my other classes, so I ended up skipping the day. I packed up, and at evening, I went home along with a friend. Before I left though, my friend back at home called, he bought me some Yugioh cards at a store he was passing by.

Once I got home, I unpacked and settled back into my room. Later, we watched the Gundam 00 movie, and slept after that. On the next day, Saturday, I slept really well. My friend at home came over, gave me the cards from yesterday, and helped me set up a new deck. Then he and the friend that came with me got to meet one another.

On the Xbox, there was a $2 for 2 months Gold membership promotion, which I took advantage of and played some Halo. Then, the 3 of us decided to watch Amagami SS. For my 2 friends, it will be a rewatch for them. They both insisted on skipping the 1st arc, although I wanted to go in order, but 2 vs 1 they won. On the rest of Saturday was spent watching Tanamachi Kaoru, Nakata Sae, and Nanasaki Ai’s routes. I really enjoyed it, but don’t ask about my favorite, I like them all! (*´∇`*)

My friend at home’s favorite route is Nanasaki Ai, and luckily, we were able to finish her route on time before he had to go just a few minutes after. After he left, my other friend worked on homework, while I played a couple rounds of Yugioh with my little brother. I won 3 but lost 2 when my little brother got serious. ^^;;

On the next day, I slept really well again. We had to leave early at noon though, so we couldn’t do anything else. When me and my friend got back to our dorms, a package for me arrived. Yay! Now I just have to wait for the last one. I need to continue thinking about and prepare for Japan. The 1st half of the week was just raining day and night, which makes it very tough to bike to class.

Mar 15th – 21st:
This 2nd half of the week continues to rain, and once again, I’m going home this weekend too. Classes are ending and friends may get busy as the next week is finals week. On Friday, my parent’s car got a flat-tire, but they managed to get it fixed and picked me up. When I went home, I mainly took all of my anime-magazines with me. I arrived at home pretty late, and I stayed up looking around the room and making sure that I’m ready to leave for Japan.

On Sunday, I spent most of the day watching the 1st arc of Amagami SS, which my friends insisted to skip last week. In between some episodes, I played a bit Halo, with much struggle actually. I finally finished the 1st arc at around 2am, and after finishing it, I don’t understand what my friends were complaining about. I enjoyed Morishima Haruka’s route just as much as the other heroines’ routes.

Just like last week, I had to go back to my university at around noon. When I got back, I tried to catch up onto some of the current shows, but it didn’t really happen. But I did watched some Sora no Otoshimono, Papa no Iu Koto wo Kikinasai, and Working’!!. To not starve to death, I started to used my extra university meal blocks for some snacks.

I also continue to worry about my trip to Japan, and finals during this time do not help. Good news however, is that I was able to take a photoshoot of Nendoroid Konjiki no Yami. Not sure when I will get the post up, but I have the photos at least. Also, I played quite a bit of Yugioh with my friends on Tuesday and Wednesday, even having 3 and 4 way duels, which were pretty fun.

Mar 22nd – 25th:
A friend pays a random and sudden visit, which is to my delight actually. Funny thing is, we ended up wasting time by sleeping on the floor. Don’t ask why… On Thursday though, I decided to try a pack of Yugioh cards with my friend, and I got a pretty nice pull. We filmed it and you can check it out here (I’m the 2nd person). Other than that, I have just been packing up. As the room gets emptier and emptier, I felt kind of sad. Especially because roommates are going home, some I won’t see for several months, some even longer.

For my last weekend here, a few friends gathered to hang out one more time. First, as a roommate is finishing to pack up, me and a friend finished the rest of Battlefield 3’s campaign. After that and a while of waiting, we went to dinner and then finally some time even later, we started a game of D&D (Dungeons & Dragons).

I have never played it before, but long story short, it was pretty fun and hilarious as well. My stupidity knows no bounds after all. ^^; The “short” quest lasted until some time last 4am, and after some bit of boredom and waiting, we all went to sleep on the floor while listening to some random episodes of anime. Lots of details unwritten, but I hope that I will continue to remember these precious moments.


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