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日本町 SF Japan Town – Apr 10th 2010

On April 10th, me and my friends (as usual) went to Japan Town in San Francisco for the 桜祭り (sakura matsuri) Cherry Blossom Festival that’s held once every year. I also held a DC Meet-up on that day too, which was not successful & I carried a paper flag for the whole day.

We walked around the mall but then we couldn’t help our hunger and went to eat. As you can see, by then I already got a Nendo Puchi Neru, more on that later. We ate at a curry shop on the bridge. This time I chose spicy, which was ok, not bad. One of my friends ate XXX spicy….

As part of the festival, roads were closed and tents were set up. Lots of people walking about. There was this たこ焼き (takoyaki) stand and it had a huge line. One of my friends (the one who ate XXX spicy curry) offered to line up for me. He came back roughly 30 – 45 mins later.

It didn’t taste that good to be honest, mainly because of the sauce and green onion, which I grew up disliking. ~.~;


At the plaza in front of the mall, there were performances and it was very crowded. Some dudes are doing 太鼓 (taiko) and this was the best shot I could take. There was also a dance (which was less crowded).

Anyways, it’s time for more mall stuff. JPN Toys got a great selection of MGs now. *Applause* Too bad nothing that fancies me. If they had a regular MG Exia then maybe I would have bought it.

Lots of posable figures. Their prices have increased since last time. Nendoroids are now like $50 and Figmas are like $40. Sorry but I can’t support you guys if you do that. They didn’t have anything else interesting either.

The owner (I presume) doesn’t seem happy as customers were walking in, rather, he looks like he was monitoring everyone instead…speaking of customers, I didn’t like most of them…

They are so pricy now, Nendo Drossel was like $60….the 15% off also indicates that they are not selling. The lucky star figmas, as well as Shamal have been here for 4 months at least.  ~.~

Since they won’t sell me the Dengeki Hime magazine that last, the $15 Tako Luka (yes $15 for that tiny thing!) will probably be the last thing I buy from them. Unless they have new mini-dakimakura that I like that is.

Here’s some pics of the model shop down stairs that I didn’t take photos of the last few times. They have literally walls of stuff, but I still can’t find anything that I want. Below are some photos of their model kits selection (note: the guy that keeps getting in the photos are unrelated to us).

Their prices on models are slightly pricy, and still no MG Exia. Their selections this time are also way better than last time though. One thing that disappoints me is that out of so many that were browsing the plamo section, no one communicated with each other. Just strangers in a shop despite sharing the same hobbies….

Also, at Kinokuniya (a large book store), I tried to buy a Megami magazine but they marked it as 18+. They had never done that before and since Megami is not 18+, I find that ridiculous. Later, I got 1 of my friends who has a beard (he’s 17, I am 16) and he got it for me without being questioned…it’s because I am short isn’t it…

Long story about the vocaloid puchi….(feel free to skip this):

Me & my little brother bought 1. I got Luka while he got Neru, I wanted Neru so we traded. He bought another later & got Saihate Miku. Later I wanted to get another also and met a girl who got Haku and Rin (she wanted Kaito). I told her that I wanted Haku so we traded it for Luka (which was technically my little brother’s, I felt guilty for it later, though he didn’t seem to mind). My little brother wanted Len so he bought another which was the secret posable Miku, but he didn’t want it. I bought my last box & got Sakine Meiko. I bought 2 and ended up with 4, he bought 3 and ended up with 1. Lesson learned: buy the entire set online…

It wouldn’t be a 桜祭り (sakura matsuri) without taking photos of 桜 (sakura), but there was actually very little 桜 (sakura) trees around. And for the small amount that are there, the flowers have already faded to mainly white instead of the vivid pink that they should be.

My favorite shot during that entire day. It’s also the only 桜 (sakura, damn it learn the word!) photo that was good. Every other 桜 photo are fail in one way or another….

These photos are total fail: too much green, blurry, no object focused on, and the 桜 is not even pink! Below is a gallery of some of my Nendoroids + 桜. As I cannot place my Nendoroids on the trees like ベルさん can, I had to break some off and use it. >.<

I think that these photos are really bad, winds were blowing, sunlight kept changing, glare on the screen.etc. There people near us too and they were annoying. I stuck the DC Flag up and I was hoping that someone might notice it and join me in photoshooting, but no one came.

Overall, this Japan Town visit was a bit disappointing and upsetting: DC meet-up was a total failure, price increase, can’t buy “18+” stuff, no figures I wanted, other people were annoying, the 桜 is barely what I call 桜.

So I didn’t like it much this time but I will still go back again just to hang around and for a change of pace. I probably will not buy much there anymore except for magazines, which I will have to rely on my manly looking friend.

Our next time to Japan Town will be either be June 5th or 6th, a few days before my birthday. As I doubt people will want to buy a stranger a birthday gift, I doubt I will hold a DC meet-up for that day.

4 responses to “日本町 SF Japan Town – Apr 10th 2010

  1. Fabrice April 29, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Mhmm looks nice =)
    so in the end who ended up at the meeting? no one XD

    anyway nice event, Wow with the selection of goodies D:
    but i guess ye the price =/

    nice pictures as well!

    • FlawlessExa April 30, 2010 at 8:13 pm

      Only 1 other DC member greeted me (I mentioned that a few times before haven’t I?).

      The selection are better this time, but the price + my pre-orders don’t mix. T.T

      I think that the photos are terrible. :P

  2. divinelight April 30, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    too bad you can’t find the meet-ups, aren’t they suppose to tell the place too? When I go to a meet-up in real world, we always set the place (in front of McDonald… in Taman Anggrek Mall) or something like that.

    the event sound nice, I normally have no friends that keeps me company to the events, so I rarely go to one. The goodies are so many, but maybe because of the event, they raised the price (maybe).

    My shopping centers (mall) also have so many of the selections but I never bought anything there, very overprice compared I bought them online (local sell+buy forum) (difference almost 30%-40%), I think that because shopping center have to pay the rent while local forum seller doesn’t.

    Nice sakura photos, too.

    • FlawlessExa April 30, 2010 at 8:18 pm

      Apparently you got mistaken somehow. I was the one who held the meet-up (I am sure I have mentioned that a few times). Given the amount of people there were, it was impossible to set a place, that’s why I carried a big flag to be seen. Only 1 person greeted me. T.T

      The event wasn’t so special. I don’t like crowds after all. My friends are not interested in Japanese stuff, but we just went to hang out.

      I have only bought from online sites and not local sale or forums. I may do that when hunting for rare figures then.

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