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「毎日楽しいの為に」 Flawless Passion

「終わり(そして始まり)」- Struggles in Japan 18 – March 2018

The month of March started off with bad news, bad luck, and just trouble overall. I won’t mention any details but certain things derailed and when the month turned to April, it exploded. By sheer luck and timing, I was able to save myself. In fact, I can even argue that I am in a better place now than before. In March, a lot of things came to an end. I have been considering many things and decided that it is time for this blog to come to an end as well.

When I started this blog as a high school student in 2010, I had a fair amount of free time. But now, things are different and I have way too much to do. I cannot afford to play catch-up and this blog is entirely that. I cannot fully explain my reluctance to pick up the camera in recent years but for as long as I continue to feel that way, this blog will be on hiatus. Thank you for the 8 years.

I purchased a new desk that is perfect for my tasks.

Below: my life in the month of March.
I have finished moving into the new community share house. All that remains is to clean out the previous house. Already it is a quarter into 2018. Everything I want to do, I must start today, to settle down and set up my own space and new life. I have a new desk that will be my station from today forward. //Continue Reading//


A Snapshot of Thoughts #7 – November 9th, 2018

Solitude. Thinking about my life right now, that’s the first word that came up in my mind. Reflecting back upon my life, my social interactions with friends in particular, I wondered how things could have been different. There had been occasions where I missed (or skipped) the chance of meeting new people. I wonder if I had not been shy, or simply had full understanding of the situations, if I could have meet my one and only.

Currently, there are people near me that I could supposedly call “friends”. However, there isn’t anyone here that I connect with on a deep level. I don’t have any best friends in Japan. Just recently for the past 3 months, my little brother came to visit me in Japan. And before him, my friend Lettuce (whom I consider a best friend) was in Japan with him from April 2017 until April 2018. However, they are not here anymore. They and the rest of my really good friends are all on the other side of the ocean. I am alone.

五月の購入物 May Loots – 2018

Just last month, I attended Comic 1, a doujin event much like Comiket but a lot smaller in scale. And already, it is time for yet another doujin event, this one called Comitia. Comitia is a little different from Comiket and Comic 1 in the way that Comitia only allows original creations, or in other words, your own characters you made. Nothing at Comitia is from any exisiting series. All originals only. Extending beyond that rule, no cosplay is allowed either. That goes to illustrate Comitia’s focus on originality and fostering new creations.

I really appreciate these events where you get to buy directly from the artists involved. I purchased a number of doujinshi, mostly illustration books but also some R18 ones. It was difficult to show everything all in one photo, so I separated them in all-ages and R18 below.

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四月の購入物 April Loots – 2018

This month, I attended Comic 1, a doujinshi event similar to Comiket but smaller in scale. All of this month’s loots consists of the doujinshi I bought at Comic 1. It was my second time attending a doujinshi event (with my first time being Winter Comiket last year). Although smaller than Comiket, Comic 1 was still a large enough event for creators to make new contents for it. I enjoyed going around circles I haven’t seen before and got some good loots.

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三月の購入物 March Loots – 2018

Not much in terms of numbers for this month’s loots. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t spend a lot of money. The primary reason, as you might be able to guess, is the PS4.

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A Snapshot of Thoughts #6 – March 15th, 2018

What kind of future do you seek for yourself?

For most of my life, I avoided thinking about my future. I didn’t know what I want to be or what I want to do. It was tiresome enough just to endure through today and tomorrow. If I did had any idea, it was that I wanted to be in Japan.

And now, I am here in Japan.
But life doesn’t just end there. My story isn’t a “I got to Japan and lived happily ever after” story.

I am alive here today, and have to connect the present to the future for as long as I am alive. However, it is clear that the path in front of me is a caved in tunnel. What I must do now is to dig my way out.
Not a pretty picture, right? Digging your bare hands into a pile of endless rubble, with no idea when or how the whole place might come down on you. If there is anything that is certain, it is that nobody will help you. You are on your own. I am on my own.

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「心待ち」- Struggles in Japan 17 – February 2018

The month of February felt incredibly long. Funny, given it being the shortest months. But thinking back to the events that happened during the first or even second week, it all felt like it was so long ago. Much of it might be due to me anticipating two events: the PS4 game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, and moving into a new community based share-house.

Having decided where to move to, I soon started to pack up and sort through my things. My scheduled move-in date was the middle of the month, so although somewhat early, I didn’t want to wait knowing that I have a task to be done.

The new empty room I am moving into.

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A Room in Japan – 2017 (Chiba)

My life in Japan was by no means stable, especially during my initial arrival when I slept at several different places within the span of a couple weeks. Today, I will show you my room in the first apartment that I lived at for a decent length of time, from October 2016 until March 2017. Sadly, as the place did not belong to me, I only took photos of the room I stayed at and not of the entire apartment.

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First, here is the main view of my space. The shape of the room is a long rectangle, with a north facing window at one end.
I only had minimal decorations up as I expected this place to be a temporary stay, though the “temporary” ended up a little longer than I had imagined.

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Room at Parent’s Home – 2016 (Final)

This is the final look at what was my room at my parent’s place. We don’t own the house, and not sure if I have mentioned before, but to be honest, I hate the structure and build of this house, including this room. I was happy to leave this crappy space as I prepared to venture off to Japan. Once I leave, it will no longer be my room but instead as a spare room for my little brother. This is much like the case for when I headed off to college, except that this time around, I won’t be returning to visit any time soon. So once again, I wanted to rearrange the room to fit my brother’s needs.

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Main view of the room from the door. This room has sure changed over the years.

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「初!!」- Struggles in Japan 16 – January 2018

2018… a new year. For me, it is a new beginning as well, with new environments and people to get accustomed to. I cannot say that 2018 is looking all that promising in terms of my personal life, but I will declare here that I will make the most of it however I can. At the very least, the year ahead doesn’t look grim. I am satisfied for it to be average.

Hobby-wise, 2018 looks to be a grand year for Sword Art Online and video games in general. The game Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet will be coming out soon, plus airing later in the year, two anime series, the Alicization Arc and Gun Gale Online. Video games in general, I am interested in Monster Hunter World, New Gundam Breaker, Code Vein, and Anthem. And although nothing specific just yet, gunpla is closing in on its 40th anniversary in 2020 and with 2017 having an incredible set of releases, I look forward to what is planned for 2018.

Following my first time to Comiket, I started this year off by shopping for more doujinshi at Toranoana. Simply put, I wasn’t able to see everything, especially on the last day, and there were also stuff that sold out. Surprisingly, I actually didn’t purchase much R18 books, so the trip to Toranoana on the 1st was to recuperate all of that to make sure I was satisfied with my Comiket experience and to start the year off happy.

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